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1968 AMC American Rambler American 232 Automatic California Car!

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Item location: Hibbing, Minnesota, United States
  • Make: AMC
  • Model: American
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: Rambler
  • Year: 1968
  • Mileage: 25,616
  • VIN: A8A060B119690
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Engine size: 232 CI
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: See Picts
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

AMC American 1968 Description

Selling my AMC Collection. I was hoping someone would have bought them all in the previous "collection" auction, but since they didn't sell as a lot I am now listing them individually. With 4 cars here, there is a lot of information. I took 40 pictures of each car, including undercarriage, and 2 running videos of each car, which will hopefully show you the condition of each reasonably well. The videos can be found on YouTube under "Lane Jackson AMX". That's a friend who took the videos. If you click on his name after opening the first video you will see the rest. The rest of the pictures can be found if you search for Gray's Garage Hibbing MN on google and open our website, that's my shop. You'll be able to find them under the "Used Vehicle Inventory" tab. None of these cars are perfect, they all could use something minor but all do run and drive, and being 40+ years old they all have an occasional rattle, shake, vibration, etc. Remember these aren't 2016 Toyota Camry's people, and they don't ride like one either. That's not to say they aren't very decent cars all around, just please keep in mind they are as old as they are. Likely if you are looking at this listing to begin with you don't even need to be reminded of that, but I figure it doesn't hurt to put it out there. All of them are fairly clean cars, the 2 Big Bad Orange cars needed very minimal body work when painted and the 2 Teal cars with what I believe to be original paint are very solid all around as well, both of which should require minimal body work to put a nice paint job on. All of the glass is good in all of them. Fairly certain I have factory service manuals for all of them, which will go with the sale.
Some will wonder why there isn't an early AMX in the collection. Honestly, because I have never wanted one, I just don't like the chopped back end look - prefer the crisp smooth lines of the Javelin in those years, it just flows so much nicer in the back end (again in my opinion).I will try to describe all of these to the best of my ability, but please review the pictures and videos of each as well. All of them likely have a seep from something, be it transmission, engine, or otherwise, but but none of them have any major leaks. Sitting over the winter I usually see a coffee can size stain under each of them, but I've always wrote that off to age and sealing capabilities back then. I'm selling them because I just don't have time to give them the love and passion they deserve anymore. I wish I did, but I don't, and I've been trying for years to devote more time to them than I have, but I haven't been able to, and that even includes just driving them. It's killing me to see them sit, they need to be driven and enjoyed or put somewhere people can see them and enjoy them. They all are stored indoors all year long. All of the cars are titled in my name and carry clear titles. When comparing my descriptions with other cars listed on here or anywhere else, keep in mind that it is unlikely that any car of this age out there is perfect, whether you are being told that or not. I would rather be as honest as possible and have you be happy with your purchase or have these exceed your expectations rather then the other way around. I've bought a lot cars over the years and know how it feels to think you got taken because the seller wasn't honest, when most of the time I would have bought the car anyway, I just would have planned things different or been prepared for what was wrong, small or large. In total, I have around $65,000 invested in this collection, and fully realize I am going to take a significant loss by selling them. I didn't buy them as an investment, I bought them and did what I did to them because I love these cars, and I'm hoping whoever buys them will be for the same purpose.I can't verify if the mileages listed are original or not on any of them.That being said, here are the details:
1968 AMC AmericanVIN: A8A060B119690MILEAGE: 25,616
THE GOOD:I purchased this one in California shortly before the Rebel above, and drove it home as you see it. Had the black California plates still on it, and appears to be all original in every way. 232 CI 6 Cylinder Automatic. The previous owner said he had the transmission rebuilt and some front end work done. It has factory AMC aluminum wheels on it and really decent rubber. Very smooth running, shifting, and driving car all around. I put a no name HEI distributor on it a few years back. Body is very solid. Same goofy industrial Teal color the rebel is. Like you see in your high school shop class on the 70's equipment haha. Interior is also mostly that color aside from the white door panels. Decent fuel mileage, if your feeling a little tight one weekend and want to save on the fuel stops.
THE BAD:Has the same drive line vibration described under the 71' AMX. Haven't dove into yet, figured if/when I had the time I would get the AMX resolved first and that would lead me to what needs to be done with this one. Heater core leaks but I have a replacement to go with the car. Had a windshield leak when I bought it, and the only rust on the car is on the front floor boards from this leak and likely the heater core leaking. No gaping holes, but a few small pinholes. Floor is still solid, my thought with this car was to just make a panel to place over top of the existing floor on both sides to give it a little more support. Really could use new weatherstripping, what is there isn't even full pieces anymore.No carpet, dash pad, or headliner, which never bothered me as I figured I would texture paint the roof where the headliner was, clean up, fill, and repaint the steel on the dash (looks good without a dash pad in my opinion), and put some new carpet in. The seat has a big tear right down the middle of it,surprisinglyyou don't notice it while sitting on it, but its quite visually apparent.Only complaint I've ever had with California cars, interior and weatherstripping, hence why this one could use both.Has a couple dings, scrapes, and bruises, all of which should be evident in the pictures/videos. Nothing major, just what one would expect over the course of 48 years and original paint.Cold blooded, like any carbureted car.
THE BOTTOM LINE:Fun little grocery getter, one your not afraid to let the grand kid use for his prom date either. Considering original paint and interior, overall I would rate the exterior an 7/10 and the interior an 5/10, with the engine compartment and undercarriage an 7/10 as well.
I have put all of the cars back into storage now, so please review the pictures and videos as its about a day process to get them all out and take more pictures etc. Everything you need *should* be there between the pictures and videos. I have described these cars to the best of my ability, if I missed anything I doubt it is anything anyone would consider a deal breaker, but I think I got all the bases covered. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, I prefer eBay messaging as I work a hectic schedule and don't have much time during the week, but if you leave your phone number if its a question I can't answer by message I will give you a call as soon as I can.
Not looking to trade for anything, cash/cashiers check only. Please also see the deposit requirements. I will work with the buyer on the timeline after the sale if needed, but I would like them to get to their new home before the snow flies.
And as always, thanks for looking!

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