» » 1970 Chevrolet C-10 with 26,767 origional miles barn find

1970 Chevrolet C-10 with 26,767 origional miles barn find

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: C-10
  • Type: Standard Cab Pickup
  • Year: 1970
  • Mileage: 26,767
  • VIN: CE140S173397
  • Color: Orange
  • Engine size: V-8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Tan
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

Chevrolet C-10 1970 Description

The truck for sale is a 1970 Chevrolet C-10 with 26,776 original miles. This truck is like a time capsule. Everyone talks about their barn find well here is the closest thing to it I've ever found. This truck was owned by a friends wife's grandfather back to near brand new. This truck as you can tell was his pride and joy and he babied it, kept in his garage all of its life until he died and it went to my friends wife. They put the truck immediately into dry storage and has been there ever since. They have decided to sell it and since I have a collection of old cars and know how to both work on them and do EBay I've agreed to get the truck running again after years of sitting and list it on EBay. The truck runs and drives has the original V-8 350 Chevrolet motor and transmission and rear end. The truck is a 350 turbo transmission with the factory rear end.
When I went to pull the truck out of storage, I was very surprised at its nearly rust free exterior. I told him immediately that I was skeptical of his claim that the 1970 vehicle would have 23,776 miles on it but I loaded it up on my car trailer and brought it home. I noted immediately the truck brake pedal went straight to the floor as well as having a dead battery. I got the truck home and the fuel tank was empty and smelled slightly of old fuel. The best estimate I have was it has sat since around 2008 9-10 years.
I replaced the two brake lines to the rear, adjusted all four brakes and now the brakes work great. I put a working battery in the truck and tested the electrical system. Every headlight, blinker, fan motor, horn, dome light everything on the truck worked perfectly except the AM radio which powers up but does not play. I was amazed.
I next pulled the seat out of the truck and found the original cardboard from new still in front of the fuel tank. The tank was pulled and boiled out. (I noted the date stamp as 6-1970 and it was in excellent shape).
While I had the seat out and so I pulled the carpet to examine the floors. I as astonished to see the original sound deadening material under the carpet in amazing shape. (Anyone who knows these trucks knows that was usually destroyed the fist couple of years under heavy use then served to hold water and create a rust hole on the floor). I knew then and there this was without a doubt 26,776 REAL miles. I peeled the sound deadening material back to see an amazing 1970 like floor. Wow, you just don't see that anymore. I also took note of the correct date coded seat belts in the truck.
I next examined the motor. I knew the V03 06 TA stamping on a 6-10-1970 truck I was dealing with the original motor. At first glance, everywhere you look it screams original everything altenator, valve covers, intake manifold, radiator, air cleaner housing exc everything except the carburetor which had been updated to a Edelbrock with a electric choke. Having boiled out the tank, I threw five gallons of fresh gas in and it fired up first start. I ran the motor for over 30 minutes noting that it did not smoke at all, oil pressure on the factory gauge was perfect, it never got hot ran just like you would want it to.
I next took the truck out for a ten mile country road drive. The transmission shifts just like you would want it to, the truck maintained a constant good operating temperature on the factory gauge, the rear end sounded excellent with no whining just normal. I parked the truck and am offering it for sale here.
Please take note of the pictures and see the rust free floors, amazing condition of the bed on this truck, amazing condition and originality of the engine compartment, the fact that the Windshield wipers, blower motor, gauges, everything on the truck works as it should with the few minor exceptions I listed above. Having said all that there are a few things on this truck I took note of that are not perfect and in the interest of a fair description I would like to mention. The steering wheel is not original to this truck and looks to be from a Chevrolet truck in the 1980's. The truck has had one repaint done on it that they thought was done sometime in the 1990s. The seat has been recovered with a really high quality cover. New carpet was just installed this week. As what common with these trucks, The battery leaked a little bit of acid out that put a hole in the front fender well on the passenger side just below the battery. This is not body rust, this is a acid hole in the inner fender well. The drivers cab corner has rust on bottom side of truck. The trucks exhaust ends after the muffler. There is paint peel and light surface only below sound deadening material between drivers feet and door sill. I have pictures. The truck still needs all the usual things you do to a vehicle that has sat for a decade. Tune up, points, plugs, oil change, carburetor adjustments exc. I will continue to do these things as time permits this week but just know that going in to this project. All that being said, very impressive for a 1970 Chevrolet truck.
Please feel free to contact me between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM central time with any questions you may have. I will be happy to try and assist you. Jeremy (618) 977-5966.

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