1987 Chevy C-10 Silverado R10 Pick Up Truck

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Item location: Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: C-10
  • SubModel: Silverado
  • Type: Standard Cab Pickup
  • Trim: Silverado
  • Year: 1987
  • Mileage: 48,886
  • VIN: 1GCDR14K6HF306590
  • Color: Gray
  • Engine size: 5.7 350 TBI Fuel Injected
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Blue
  • Safety options: Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

Chevrolet C-10 1987 Description

Up for sale is my fully restored 1987 Chevrolet C-10 with the Silverado package. This is a super rare truck! It is the last year for this body style and platform, the very first year they introduced fuel injection on the truck line, it has the top rated 350 engine, the top trim package being the Silverado, and a overdrive transmission. . I had planned on keeping this a very long time but a little over a week ago I seriously injured my hand and it will require a few expensive surgeries. I will also be laid up for some time so having this high end toy is not in my families best interest at this time. I spared no expense in making sure it would be safe, durable, and a head turner.
It has just been completed after a pain staking full frame up 4 month restoration. Every bolt was touched on this restoration. This is a real numbers matching truck It came equipped with a 350 Fuel injected TBI engine, and a Automatic overdrive transmission . Its color is the exact copy of the original metallic gray and metallic indigo blue. The interior is fully restored to its exact original color and trims.
This C-10 drives amazingly well. It is as close to new as you can get without a time machine! It starts right up on first turn every time, its idle is excellent, and it handles perfectly at any speed. You can drive it anywhere, but given how nice it is, it’s a perfect candidate to be a trailer queen.
For those of you who require catalytic converters your in luck because this is a true dual system. It has two manifold that each run into their own cats and then to their own mufflers before each being directed out the rear of the truck below the rear bumper. It sound really nice but not obnoxious. The system was ceramic coated metallic silver using Summit racing sealer paint front to back in order to seal and protect it for many years to come.
I will try to itemize everything that was done but it may be easier to say what wasn’t done! As I stated every bolt was touched. I can only display 24 pictures for this listing and that is difficult since I have hundreds of them. They were taken during the restoration to show how even the simplest of things were taken down and restored.
The body has over 500 man hours of labor in it. The results are amazing and be durable for many years to come. The entire truck top to bottom was stripped down and then coated in multiple layers of sealer primmer. The underside of the truck was blasted down and repainted correct chassis black. . It received five coats of black. The body was shot with two stage basecoat and clear coat top finish.
The engine compartment was blasted and stripped down. The engine went thru a mild rebuild top to bottom.The entire cooling system was redone and changed to a far better and more modern high cooling setup. The system was fully flushed and cleaned out. It was refilled with Prestone 50/50 antifreeze.
The following were replaced:
  • Aluminum core high flow Radiator
  • High flow water pump
  • Water thermostat
  • Heater core
  • All new heater hoses throughout the system
  • Upper radiator hose
  • Lower radiator hose
  • New Coolant Recovery Tank
  • New Cooling hose lines

  • The complete steering system from top to bottom.
  • Close ratio power steering gear box
  • Power steering pump
  • Upper power steering hose
  • Lower power steering hose
  • New seals and brushings

  • The entire electrical system was examined wire by wire. Many new grounds and parts of the wires were repaired and or replaced. The entire under hood wiring was then covered in in wire loom jacketing.
  • New engine grounds
  • Battery
  • Battery cables
  • Starter solenoid
  • New Alternator
  • New Alternator Plug
  • Power window motors
  • Ignition Solenoid
  • Upper and Lower Temperature Sending Units
  • Two upper dash speakers
  • Two rear interior compartment speakers
  • Period correct style stereo radio with AUX input
  • Under dash lighting
  • HVAC blower motor with relay
  • All new fuses and relays replaced
  • Both rear lights had a sockets replaced

  • One big problem GM had with the tilt wheel steering columns is that over time they would become incredibly loose. They are a simple fix of tighten 2 screws. That is once you fully disassemble the upper steering column down to the dash! Great care was taken to take it all apart and then both those loose screws were each removed, cleaned, and then reinstalled using a thread lock so that this issue should not arise again. The column was then reassembled.While it was open I replaced the
    • turn signal
    • wiper control
    • cruise control lever
    • Ignition lock cylinder with new keys

    It was work and the cruise was not functioning so the entire unit was replaced. The new mahogany wheel was installed to finish off the interior. The entire column was also painted satin black.
    Interior was taken down to the last part. Every part was cleaned and either repaired / refurbished or replaced.
  • The dash pad was replaced and dyed in the correct color
  • Dash body reinforced and repaired then dyed
  • Door panels were re-dyed
  • Upper door panel cloth replaced
  • Seat trims were all dyed
  • All new floor carpets and padding installed
  • All new cloth headliner
  • All new reupholstered bench seat
  • Both doors got new power window motors
  • Both doors got all new power window and lock switches
  • Both doors got all new grab handles with new trim
  • Both doors lower carpet panel matching new carpet
  • Both door map pockets repaired, new elastics, and dyed
  • A additional dash accessory outlet was installed to power today’s toys
  • Mahogany Wood wheel was installed and it’s a show stopper
  • The rear speakers got the correct new black factory style grills
  • Dash bezels both new brushed metal accent trims
  • The entire interior floor was painted.

  • Both doors were fully primed and painted top to bottom as well as both jams. They were then painted with five coats of clear coat. The inner moving parts were cleaned and lubricated.
    The entire interior was covered in a thermo acoustic insulation involving the floors, rear compartment, and wall sides.
    The flooring has custom molded carpeting with padding. The rear compartment was originally black cardboard but over time it turned to trash so the entire rear area has new black felt material. I felt it would be better to have the carpet match the entire interior and have the black felt match the original black cardboard.Most of the interior parts were reinstalled using stainless steel fasteners where appropriate.
    The sun visors were originally a vinyl material. It was sewn and covered with the same fabric as the new cloth headliner. A new headliner was sewn to the exact specifications as the original one with the exception that the new material is a more modern padded headliner cloth fabric. It is an exact match to the carpet. It looks beautiful. The two sun visors, center support, windshield pillar trims, and all surrounding roof trims were dyed to the correct color.
    The HVAC system was fully dismantled inside and outside. All duct work was thoroughly cleaned and treated with a safe solution to preserve it. The blower box was resealed and a new blower motor was installed in it.
    The entire HVAC system was reinstalled perfectly with all new seals and insulations. The system is now a R134A system with all the correct amount of required PAG oil.
    As per the following:
  • Heater box new seal and insulation
  • Blower box new seals and insulation
  • New AC Compressor GM
  • New Orifice Tube
  • New AC Dryer
  • New AC Condenser Aluminum
  • New blower motor
  • New blower motor relay
  • New AC system fittings and all new seals
  • New charge line
  • All coolant lined insulated wrapped
  • PAG 150 oil
  • R-134A refrigerant
  • AC Cycle switch
  • New dash bezel vent trims

  • The firewall were stripped down. Both sides of the wall were primed with a primer / sealer getting four coats. Both sides of the wall got all new seals and then were coated with rubberized spray sealer. Both sides were given ample time to cure and then were painted multiple coats of finish paint. The under hood side, as well as the rest of the wheel wells, frame, and chassis were painted in chassis gloss black. The upper side of the firewall where two intake grilles are as well as wiper arms were painted with five coats clear coat.The 4 rally wheels were all blasted down to bare metal. They were then painted in four stages to achieve the silver finish they originally had when new.
    • 4 brand new 235/75R15 white letter tires mount and balanced.
    • 4 New wheel chromed outer wheel trip rings
    • 4 New center cap wheel Chevy decals
    • 4 Wheels all new chromed lug nuts acorn tops
    • Spare tire blasted, painted, and mounted with all new mounting harware and bolts. The tire support was stripped and painted matching chassis black.
    • Brand new wiper blades a few days old.
    • Tail lamps are both brand new

    Truck has never seen rain since its recent completion. It is garaged!
    The entire frame of the vehicle was cleaned and sanded. It was then painted in chassis black gloss finish. All wheel wells were painted in a chassis black finish. The underside body was painted in a chassis black.
    The passenger side fuel tank was drained, cleaned, and resurfaced. It was inspected and is in excellent condition. It has a fuel tank preservative applied to it and repainted the correct metallic silver color The passenger side was replaced with a brand new one with a larger capacity. So drivers side is a 20 gallon where the passenger side is 16. In total you can fill up to 36 gallons for those long trips. The new tank also got all new tank supports. Both tanks had the supports blasted and refinished. They were reinstalled with a insulation barrier strip to protect them over time.
    The fuel system is completely NEW! Replaced were all the rubber lines from front to back. Installed all new hoses, fittings, and connectors. Both tanks have brand new fuel tank sending units with new pumps. The fuel tank selector valve was fully replaced as well as a completely new wiring harness to it. The fuel tank selector switch was replaced on the dash as well. The TBI dual fuel injectors were both cleaned, rebuilt, and given new seals. The metal lines were either replaced or restored. The fuel system is next to perfect!
    The suspension system was replaced and upgraded. Both the front and rear got all new HD shocks. They provide a excellent ride and the ability to either carry a heavy load or tow. There is a new 7 pin tow wiring harness tucked up in the rear. The truck also has a class 5 HD tow hitch so feel free to tow anything with this truck! It has not been used to tow but the wire harness is there should someone want to use it for that.Monroe HD front and rear shocksTransmission had a full service check-up with new fluids and filter. It shifts smoothly thru all gears. The transmission was drained and correctly refilled slowly as to allow all fluids to get thru the system. A new chromed summit racing pan was installed with new seals. It is ready to drive anywhere and tow anything you want!
    The engine was broken down and had all the brackets stripped, repaired, and painted. The valve covers were blasted down and cleaned inside and out. The risers where all cleaned and re lubricated. The throttle body was fully rebuilt. The TBI body mechanism was replaced with a brand new one. Both fuel injectors and the housing was broken down, cleaned, rebuilt with all new seals, gaskets, and hardware. The throttle position sensor was replaced, Idle air control valve was replaces, and everything was reassembled to the correct settings.
    The engine has all the following:
  • Accessory drive belts
  • Pulleys
  • Spark Plugs
  • Alternator
  • Belts
  • Spark plug wires
  • Chromed plug retainers
  • EGR valve
  • Idle Air Control Valve
  • Throttle Position Sensor
  • Knock Sensor with new wiring harness plug
  • Sport Vacuum lines
  • GM Restored Air Cleaner
  • Distributor with cap
  • Ported vacuum switch
  • Breather cap
  • Air Cleaner Filter
  • Ignition Solenoid
  • Gasket Set
  • Oil Pump
  • Fuel lines
  • Fuel filter with new fittings
  • All New Vacuum check valves
  • Upper and Lower Temperature Sending Unit
  • Fuel pump relay
  • Drivers side 20 gallon fuel tank
  • Drivers side fuel pump with new sending unit
  • Passenger side fuel pump with new sending unit
  • Fuel tank selector valve
  • Fuel Tank Selector valve harness
  • Fuel Tank selector switch

    • All weather-stripping was replaced.
    • Door roof rail upper weather stripe
    • Door window glass complete runner weather stripe
    • Both doors inner window rail weather stripe
    • Both doors outer window chromed weather stripe
    • Vent window full weather stripe
    • The vent windows were removed and resealed. Both were repainted. They both received brand new custom molded weather full run strips

    The tailgate was fully disassembled. The shell as well as all remaining parts were primed and painted. New screws and hardwareAll inner moving parts were cleaned and lubricated
    The body was addressed as follows:
  • The entire outer body was sanded down.
  • Any issues were properly repaired with welded panels.
  • Body was shot with primer sealer.
  • Entire car was wet sanded.
  • Body was shot with multiple coats chop top silver base coat.
  • Roof and lower sections were shot with multiple coats blue pearl metallic base coat.
  • Body was then shot with five coats of clear coat.
  • Entire car was wet sanded and then high speed buffed.

  • The front end was fully taken down and both sides of the front core support where sealed and painted. All new hardware was used in reassembling the front end. The grille as well as both light bezels were stripped down, sealed, and recoated with 4 coats of the correct silver finish followed by 4 coats clear to seal and protect them both. Stainless steel fasteners were used whenever possible in reassembly.
    The chromed body side moldings were all installed to exact specifications. The lower body stripes are all painted on as they were originally. They were painted on and then had clear coat finish to protect them.
    Underside of hood was finished exactly as the rest of the body. It has new custom molded under hood insulation as it had originally.
    The bed was given many hours of attention. The bed was fully sealed at all seams. The bed has always been covered with a bed liner so it was in perfect condition. I scrubbed and cleaned the bedliner. The top rails are the outside body color of the truck and they are perfect with now holes nor anything. The inner edge of the rails were coated with black liquid bed liner to not only protect but match up to the black hard bed liner inside. It just looks clean and finished in my opinion.
    All the exterior molding trims that were not replaced were cleaned and polished.
    I know this is a lot of information to take in but I wanted this to be as thorough as possible to inform the next owner as of everything it took to achieve this beautiful finished product. This is truly a restored classic anyone would be proud to own and show off!
    This is a super solid truck and will last a very long time. There were no shortcuts taken to achieve this final product. This being said it is a 30 year old truck and classified as a antique. It will not be perfect. If your looking for a new truck then I suggest that’s what you buy. This truck is as close to new as anyone can get without a time machine! This looks like a truck you would see walking into the showroom in 1987! You can eat off the engine bay or any part of the truck frankly. The interior does have that awesome new car smell since so much of it is new.
    If I have missed anything please feel free to ask me your question. My name is Charlie and I will be happy to speak with you. Message me with your number and the best time to call.
    If you would like more photos please message me with your email and I will send you the complete file of photos.
    Please have your funds available prior to any purchase. All funds must clear prior to release of the vehicle. Once payment has cleared I will send the title to you with tracking.
    I will work with your shipping company to make this as smooth as possible. I’ve sold cars thru here and I have perfect feedback. I would like to keep it that way so please contact me if you need anything.
    1987 sales brochure, 2 sets of keys are included with sale.
    I could only post 24 pictures in this listing so it was hard to choose the best and since I have about 100 of them showing stages of the restoration from start to finish it was hard to decide on them. If you would like the file please message me here with your email and I will email the complete file.
    Thank you and if you read it all, thank you once more! It was hard to write this all up one handed but I think reading it all is just as tedious. It would have been much quicker to say what wasn’t done! Someone very lucky is getting a amazing truck!

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