• Price: Ask a price!
  • Item location: Mishawaka, Indiana, United States
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Corvair
  • SubModel: MONZA
  • Type: Convertible
  • Trim: MONZA
  • Year: 1966
  • Mileage: 67,000
  • VIN: 105676w31388
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Engine size: FLAT 6 AIR COOLED
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Options: Convertible
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

Chevrolet Corvair 1966 Description

The Corvair - 1966 fun car America's answer to the Porsche Low to the Ground, rear engine rear wheel drive Trunk in the front where you would expect the engine

A response to the VW Beetle, which had sold more than 100,000 copies in four years to 1958, Corvair remains America's only successful effort to build a rear-engine, 6-cylinder, air-cooled sedan, the most competitive compact segment, from scratch.

Motor Trend magazine's Car of the Year for 1960, Corvair had GM's first all-independent suspension. To use an existing manual transmission, the engine rotation had to be reversed so as not to have one low forward gear and four reverse.

These Corvairs were revolutionary for the Big 3 back in 1961. The concept of using a rear engine, air cooled car with a flat floor unibody frame was unique.

This gave the Corvair good handling and the sensation of speed as you were sitting much lower to the ground than the big three land yachts of the time.

These are fun cars with lots of parts and club support. END


DUE TO LONG TERM ILLNESS I AM SELLING MY COLLECTIONI have listed defects on a generally nice car. Haggerty values it at 10,000 dollars between a grade three and two. I have listed the major defects to increase its value. The basic is it is not rusted out, great paint top and engine, decent interior. Good 5 to 10 footer has won top 20 in car shows. I have only driven it to car shows and it has been stored under cover in my airplane hanger. Previous owner was also a WW 2 pilot who kept it stored inside well cared for. Here is a video followed by list of defects. Since the video, it has been polished and chrome added to engine Also note some pictures show some of the hard shell wax still on car

I have a video below. Speed ahead to the part you want. From the beginning to the 7:15 minute is the outside, engine trunk and interior, after that is underside for dust and damage followed by still pictures

As with all my cars, I storage under these conditions. If we agree on a price and I get your down payment (negotiated) I store and insure the car for free for 30 days. After that I charge cost of 3 dollars a day for insurance and storage. That way if the car is stolen or destroyed we both are covered financially An agreed upon payment expected each month with full payment in 10 months. Email me for an email agreement prior to buying

If you decide at any time you do not want it, after purchase and before pick up, either I can sell it again charging the listing fee to you or you can sell it and keep any profit above what you paid for it. I am not a dealer. Just try to be fair.

Inspections by YOU or a third party is ENCOURAGED If within in 7 days of purchase you find a defect I have not listed costing more than 200 dollars to repair (which I will do) then you can cancel the sale for a full refund. This needs to be done while car still in my possession Fox Auto inspects all my cars after I buy them Look them up Fox and Sons Mishawaka VERY honest wins awards for best shop I am guarding my reputation. I want a buyer to get a car in better shape than described

This is a clean well running automatic Appears to be a repaint quality job of metallic paint

I have listed all the defects I see here

  • Drivers mirror I have it but loose and in the glove box. Appears to be a broken small mounting screw

  • Drivers seat, amateur repairs thread showing passenger seat rip in seam as shown in video

  • Interior front carpet, clean but worn in front, OK in back Front carpet needs replaced for any showing

  • Both bottom carpet door sill plates missing

  • Front wind shield driver side 14 inch? Vertical chrome trim missing

  • Back chrome pieces above tail lights missing

  • Chrome available from Ebay and California Chrome

  • Small drip number 4 cylinder O ring on the push tube valve tube Common problem

  • Car seems structurally sound with 2 minor rust issues on the left front fender skirt (see video)

  • Under car, there seems to be a small missing cover piece of sheet metal for the heating duct (see video) about 12 inches by 7 inches?

  • corrosion on turn signal stalk

    rattle (new) from sheet metal around engine suspect hanger for exhaust? I will either repair it of refund 50 dollars for a hanger

    I would estimate 10-15 small dents visible that were painted over with the burgundy metallic paint. You can see some on the edge of the engine deck hood

    Convertible boot needs softened and has a few missing fasteners it is a bit hard form storage

    Note Automatic Shifts a bit hard under hard acceleration in my opinion. Not sure if it uses a vacuum shiftier but occasionally when shifting between gears it will skip power for a split second NOTE corrected, power glide was low on fluid. Filled to correct level with Dextron III shifts fine

    Mileage speedometer and odometer work. I just decided to sell today. i will go to storage and check and publish exact mileage tomorrow Monday

    THIS CARS VIN NUMBER DECODED Vin 1 chevy 05 Monza 67 convertible 6 1966 W Willow Grove 31,388 car

    After decades of buying repairing and enjoying classics (back to 1914 Models) here is some wisdom

  • Buy the best condition car you can afford at the best rock bottom deal. If you buy a car that is not running with an unrealistic vision of it becoming a show car – chances are you will sink a lot of money into it, and not get to enjoy it sitting in your garage for 3 years gathering dust and leaking oil)

  • Anything needing repaired will cost money and time evaluate this in your price.

  • Check the car reviews and historic pricing and condition guidelines at Haggerty Insurance web site

  • Rust is a killer. Has the car ever been in an accident? Has any body-filler/putty/bondo been applied to the car? Has any other dent-repair or rust repair work been done? Do the doors shut evenly and cleanly? Do they sag? Does it start, accelerate, steer, and brake properly?

  • Beware cloned (fake Monza and Corsa models) The VIN tells you what model it is

  • Just some history i print out for car shows

    Chevrolet dealers were dismayed by the initial price, which could climb to $2,500 with Powerglide, heater and radio, only $200 less than a full-size Biscayne.

    Gas mileage could be as high at 26 m.p.g. highway, until the VW-style gasoline-powered heater was fired up at a loss of 6 to 8 m.p.g.

    A boatload of 1960 Corvairs was sent to Cuba before the revolution. At last count, three survive; two reportedly running with front-mounted Russian motors.

    The Corvair was an enormously popular base for show cars: the 1961 Sebring Spyder and Pininfarina Speciale, 1962 Super Spyder and Bertone Testudo, 1963 Monza GT and SS, 1966 Fitch Phoenix, 1967 Astro 1 survive.

    Don Yenko extracted up to 240 h.p. from Yenko Stinger Corvairs, which were competitive Sports Car Club of America racers. He built 100 in one month in 1965, with a total of 185 from 1965-67.

    The GM plant in Oshawa, Ontario, built 100 amphibious Corvair Dynatrack articulated vehicles for the U.S. and Canadian Armies. The Australian Army ordered 500 but didn't have the money upfront.

    Apollo astronauts trained on a Corvair-based lunar rover in New Mexico. e

    the original intent of the Corvair. Ask the listener to travel back to 1959, to the era of HUGE cars with big fins and lots of chrome, and households with only one car. To a time when you went to buy "the new Chevrolet", or "the new Ford"; singular, as in one car, not the infinite number of body styles and trim levels we see today.

    Then along comes the Corvair in 1960, smaller, relatively inexpensive, a design revolution, both in engineering and styling. Styling so influential is was copied by the Europeans over and over. Yes, back in 1960 America set the styling trends and the rest of the world copied. So influential it was named Car of the Year in 1960.
    A simple, clean slate of a design that GM intended as the average household's 1st second car. Plain jane 4doors with 2spd powerglides that Mom could drive. And then in '61 the expansion, Convertibles, Stationwagons, Pickups and Vans. It was more of a new division (kinda like Saturn) than anything else. Don't forget, those early Corvairs are almost completely devoid of any external reference to Chevrolet.
    It was the public that jumped on the bucket seat, 4 on the floor Monza coupe and pointed GM towards the turbocharged Spyder.

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