1984 Chevrolet K30 Custom 6.2L Diesel CUCV Military truck

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Item location: Bradenton, Florida, United States
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: C/K Pickup 3500
  • SubModel: CUCV
  • Trim: Custom
  • Year: 1984
  • Mileage: 9,800
  • VIN: 1gcgd34j7ef308469
  • Engine size: 6.2 Detroit Diesel NA
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: FWD
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

Chevrolet C/K Pickup 3500 1984 Description

1984 CUCV Chevrolet 4X4 DieselUS MilitaryM1008Please look at the you tube video. Type in CUCV for sale on ebay. My user name is strongbackmfg15 on you tube.

I have owned and driven this truck for almost ayear. Its not my daily driver butIt could be with no problem.I havemainly used it atmy hunting lease in Ocala Florida on sandy trails *not* mud. It is not a fast truck at all but will get through anything or pullwhatever is in your way out of your way. I have ownedseveral ex military vehicles. I love them all and enjoy restoring them. A few of the vehicles have been aM35A2 and a couple M1009 Blazers and several m1008's like this one. All of them had been restored and were fully operationaland this M1008 is by fara outstandingMilitaryvehicle With less than 10,000 miles, yes ten thousand miles.....It is also a Rare model due to it having enamel gloss paint due to it being a On BASE Military Police unit truck......Other than just enjoying Military vehicles in general I like to have a bug out vehicle that is simple and reliable no mater whatsituation plays out. This is a purpose built truck for both of the listed reasons. I will list below all the details that make since to list along with what I have done to get it to this point andthe history that Imaware of.

I bought this truck from a US Army Veteran here locally that used it as his everyday driver for a while until the diesel fuel gave him a problem he didn't want to deal with.It was originally purchasedby him fromthebase in Jacksonville Florida. He did the appropriate paperwork to get it street legal and retain a FL title.I do have a clean Florida Title.... I will list all the information pertaining to the truck BELOW....

PAINT and EXTERIOR...... The exterior is in pretty good shape however it is not a show truck, this is a EX Military truck with a 30 year old paint job that looks great from 10 feet away. It was wet sanded and buffed to the best of my ability and shines nice however there are flaws, please don't expect a perfect paint job....It has several nicks, scratches and chips. THIS IS NOT A SHOW TRUCK ITS A CUCV. I don't want to over sell the truck, please expect to see flaws in the paint... On a good notethe body and bedis virtually rust free as you can see in the pictures. It does have a tail gate that I will place in the bed when its picked up or shipped. Its not in good shape, it appears that something big or extremely heavy was loaded and dropped onthe topat some point. It is included in the sale as a freebie... I have replaced several of the lights, side markers and head/ tail lights as the old ones were faded and cloudy. They all work properly and made the truck look good. Being that this was a MP's Military Police Truck it has been painted Gloss Black inside and out and was never deployed overseas. The alternative paint scheme for CUCV's is Desert Tan or Olive Drab Green and Camo pattern. Over all the truck looks very impressive and is a extremely solid Chevy truck for its age.

INTERIOR........ The interior is in decent shape. It has rubber flooring a carpeted dash mat and a Seat cover to cover the old seat. The upholstery on the seat is not in goodlooking but is all there and not falling apart . The dash and door panelshave been dyed OD green and are in pretty good shape but not perfect. Its a 30 year old truck and none of the interior has been replaced. You can see in the pictures its all there and all functioning well,but not new by any means.

WINDOWS AND SEALS........ The windows and seals are factory original and do have some scratches from putting the windows up and down 30 million times in its life but again they are all there and functioning as they should. The seals hold out the water and appear to be functioning as they were intended.

ENGINE....... Its a very solid and reliable 6.2L non turbo motor. The injection pumphas been completely rebuilt by a reliable diesel shop here locally and itsset on the factory setting, however with aEGT gauge and a little timethe pump could beturned up and produce more power by about 10%. As I stated earlier I like to build a reliable and simple truck that I can count on when I ''need'' or wantto use it. The electrical system is in good working order. The completefuel system including Fuel tankbeing pulled cleaned with steam and flushed, injectors replaced with NEWand injection pump rebuilt, bleed lines replaced, fuel filter was also replaced.I have alsohad the starter rebuilt,one alternatorand batteries replaced since I have owned it in the past year. I decided for ease of operation I would also make the glow plug system a manually controlled operation. Its abutton on the dash that you hold in for 10 to15 seconds depending on air temperature for the first start of the day or if it extremely cold and the motor has no temp. The motor starts every time like a champ and runs down the road just fine. I honestywould not change a thing because its already been done. Its very reliable since the work has been completed.....Ive ownedseveral 6.2's and this one is sorted out.

TRANSMISSION----DRIVETRAIN........ Its the correct TH400 4X4 Transmission and NP208 Transfer case. It shifts in all gearsand does not slip. The 4X4 works very well and the axles will allow you to do anything you need to do off road. These axles sell for 2000-2500 alone. The axles are Dana 60 front, 10.5 in Corporate 14 Bolt rear diff (w/Detroit Locker). Lockout hubs on front axle. 4.56:1 ratio. They are truly bulletproof....

TIRES AND WHEELS These were purchased from Florida Mil surplus with the Military OZ 37'' Tires off of the HMMWV and the wheels are also from a HMMWV. They are in decent shape and tough as nails for off-roading or hy-way use. They are takeoffs from a HMMWV and were used in a deployment overseas by the looks of them. These are also not new they are well used with plenty of life left in them.

SUSPENSION........ The factory springs front and back are in excellent working order.Keep in mind this is a 1 and 1/4 ton truck so the leaf pack in the rear is very stiff....All the shocks were replaced with upgraded PRO COMP shocks that came with the 6'' Pro-comp Lift kit. I also added aRancho steering stabilizer. The lift kit was not a cheap kit. It is the correct kit for this truck and all the blocks and extensions to keep the suspension and steering geometry as good as factory. It also has newextended brake lines too....It drives good on pavement for a lifted truck and does extremely well on the trail....

EXTRAS....... There are not many but I did add really nice CRE LED light bar that will blind anyone within 100 feet. You will see spots for 10 minutes if you were to be flashed. I have also added a9000 pound Winch and converted the CUCV military brush guard to be a winch carrier. I had the gussets laser cut and welded it all up with a winch plate. I painted it withBED liner and mounted it with grade 8 hardware to the factory frame connections.I also added a RBP tail gate net and the Bed has been lined with Raptor bed liner.... It all looks really good and added some character to the Truck.....

PROBLEMS and Changes ID make......... As mentioned above If you want a truck that's a 10 I would replace the seat upholstery, add carpet to the cab to try to quiet it down because 6.2 Detroit diesels arepretty loud and the OZ Mil spec tires are loud at speed also. I would also add AC. CUCV's do not have AC and its a hot ride in the summer... The chips paint if you cared to can be fixed easily by a body shop but it never bothered me enough to spend the money, it does shine nice and there is zero structural rust,the body issolid..... If I were going to keep it I would add single 3'' exhaust on it. They sound much better with 3''..... I would also add a solar battery charger as the batteries will start to drain after about 30-45 days... Also if you added a 6.5L turbo system from a newer suburbanit would have some more power... These 6.2 do the job but are not fast, they are torquey. The turbo wouldhelp with acceleration.. The tires are at about 50% life and I know they will last a very long time but they are not new by any means.

OVERALL........ Overall Id give this 1984 CUCV a true7 out of 10..UncleSam would be proud!!I get more compliments from people on this old CUCV than I do in my new F350. If you drove 1000 miles to buy this truck you would *not* be disappointed!!! I believe I have undersold the truck and do not expect any disappointments from the next owner. If you have any questions at all please ask me now. I have tried to relay all the information that I know about this truck into the ad.

CONTACT INFO.......... Name is Quinton and The truck is located inBradenton Florida. We are on the south side of Tampa bay on the west coast of FL. I am more than willing to help the buyer with shipping. Shipping is the buyers responsibility and cost however I will go far out of my way to help make the transition easy for you...This truck is normally stored at my business, I am not always there so If you are local or not feel free to contact me to come see it during the week. Please email me with any questions. If you T ext me I will return your T ext and will call if you would like to talk. I don't answer unknown callers on my cell. If you shoot me a T ext I will return it asap, I will not leave you hanging. 941,four six five 6 three zero zero......... Thank you for looking at my auction and please feel confidentwhile bidding, Check my feed back score and 100% rating on here....... If you have less than 10 transactions or less than a 95% rating here on ebay please contact me before bidding. The last thing I want to do is waist your time or mine. Itried to add a link from YouTube of a walk around of the CUCV but it will not let me paste it here due to ebay rules, so if you would like to see the video please type in"" CUCV for sale on ebay"" on my youtube channel strongbackmfg15. Good luck, Quinton......

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