• Price: Ask a price!
  • Item location: McMinnville, Oregon, United States
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: G20 Van
  • Type: Van Camper
  • Year: 1977
  • Mileage: 81,276
  • VIN: CGL257U126854
  • Color: White
  • Engine size: 350
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Tan
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

Chevrolet G20 Van 1977 Description

Today we have listed forsale a 1977Chevrolet short, or shorty as I call 'em, van. It's almost a hippy van, but with the twist that it's able to be used for camper. It's retro, it's cool, way hip and it's ready for you to own. It's my own personal vehicle, one I purchased a little over a year ago, and have been wanting to 'tweak' just a little to my own taste. This isn't going to happen for multiple reasons, thebiggest beingI need the space, and I'd liketo see itgo to a good new home- this isn't a 'fire sale' or a ditching of an edgy vehicle, I certainly don't have to sell Dragon Around, it just seems like a good time to do it.It's the first time you've seen this listed on eBay, it's not some over and over retread- this van is on point, and on the money!Let's talk. I will do my best to describe it so that you feel you know it. It's hard to show the total story of the van in the words I use, but I have added as many pictures as possible - probably too many, but I don't like surprises, and would rather over show than under (4 pictures and30 words don't make a good description)-I tried to use pictures that covered the overall feel and look of the Truck. PLEASE use the scroll function down the right side of the listing - it will get you to all the photos, not the first few that show when you don't use the scroll feature. These pictures were mostly all taken at Evergreen Air Museum - I usually take them in front of a Douglas C-47 Skytrain that was part of the Normandy invasion in 1944.You will also note the Spruce Goose, a Saturn rocket and other planes in the background of some of the pictures. Evergreen is gracious in letting us use their planes and facility as a backdrop for these pictures. If you're ever in the McMinnville are please stop and see them - they have not only the air museum but an aerospace museum and an indoor water park! I use lower resolution so that anyone in the world can download them with relative ease.Please be aware that this car is advertised and for sale locally, nationally and globally, and we do reserve the right to end this auction at any time if the vehicle sells before auction ends. Thisverycool, collectible, stylish and solidAmericanclassicVanis definitely for sale and definitely on the money price wise. If you are SERIOUS about thevehicle - please call my cell # 503.580.6225 if I don't answer the first time - try again later - if I am at work I may not be able to answer your call. Please be considerate of the time. This is an amazingly honest, umolested vehicle one of the most solid you will find anywhere at any price and overall is simply a greattruck - one you can drive, show off mess around withand show with pride - andown something that most people don't. Someone is going to get an enjoyable, fun and great old truck here. Buy it today and be the envy of those who hesitated and missed.

Dragon Around. This is a 1977 Chevrolet, or as the factory emblems say "Chevy Van" (must be after that famous song....) that is a shorty, and a light duty 3/4 ton. The nice thing about the light duty 3/4 is that it runs thesame boltpattern (5 on 5) as a half ton - which means you can throw the same wheels and meats on it as your pickup, but has more load capabilty!Being somewhat of a van-aholic I had seen this van for years out of the Salem Oregon area, and then it simply disappeared. The van was purchased new in Junction City Oregon by a Salem Oregon family who owned astretch of beachalong the Willamette River. This family had a boat ramp, and they would launch their matching-to-the-van speed boat at that dock. The boat is long gone, but lo and behold,a friend of mine went to a garage sale and excitedly let me know - "hey, you know that van we always talked about that disappeared, I just found it". Turns out it didn'tdisappear, it just was no longer beingdriven daily, it was parked, relegated to 'every now and then' driving, butnever ever just off the road and sitting as happens often. The rest is history - it would be cool to have the boat too, but that's how things go, maybe it will turn up one day! I have been a fan of these shortvans sincethey were new, and have owned a couple, Dodges and Chevys, so it's hard to think of them as old, but 40 years puts them in the old class I suppose. The plan for me was to install another visor (it had one at some point) and flares/front spoiler, brand new side pipes and a little bit chunkier tire out back, either 275/60x15's or 295/50x15's, a set of shocks (prob airs for the back), find a really close material for the front bucket seat faces, an old school (big) 23 Channel CB and call it good. Dragon Around is a really cool, really solid old van. It's an old van, no matter how you slice it, but it's one of the nicest, most solid ones I have seen or found. The piuctures show everything I could think of and likely pick on it too hard - some are flash and therefore pretty harsh, others are natural lighting so you can get a real deal feel of the rig. Here's what I know: The engine is a 350, and looks pretty much stock. Stock Quadrajet, intake, HEI, exhaust Manifolds and etc. etc. I don't see a lot of mods anywhere. It's been trouble free for me, and starts everytime. A little rough running when cold but smooths out when warmed up, and it does smoke just a little mostly on startup. It's a basic 350, dime a dozen engine, and they are everywhere, so I have never worried a bit about it - it's dependable and always always starts. Behind that is the stock automatic transmission, a 3 speed, and being a M40 I believe is a Turbo 400(?), that I know an OD or 4 speed wasn't available then. It does have a transgo sticker on it, so my guess is it's been gone through at some point, and it has one of those older cooling type tranny pans. Other than that, stone stock - operates as it should, forward and reverse, no hiccups and the fluid is clean. The park pawl works well, and the backup lights work as they should. The rear end isn't a posi that I can tell, and there are no noises from it (I have had a couple that have been really noisy so I am pretty keen on listening to them) Suspension once again is pretty much stock. The shocks are older, and though they work, I had planned on replacing, probably KYB gas's up front and airs out back - I know, old school, but so am I. The front brakes look pretty new, have tons of pad and no shimmy or rotor warpage. The rears are older, but again, plenty of shoe. I took off the wheels so you could see them and the inner fenerwells and how solid they all are, though not detailed or primped in any way. The van stops like it should every time I have driven it, which has been several hundred miles. Speedo and odometer are functional and not jumpy. The van stops, drives, steers and rides like a light duty Chevy short wheelbase truck did and should, and has been bulletproof, starts everytime and never skips a beat. The weak point probably is the exhaust, it isn't terrible (I like a really good set of pipes and this isn't that), it's dual, and I was doing the side pipes, so didn't care, but at some point I would replace it or do the sides. One of the mufflers has a rattle inside and that's annoying to me, plus I personally dislike how the right one is routed. Charging system works great, and does everything it should, no draws, I leave the battery connected always for months at a time and never a draw or dead battery. Inside this van is exactly as it left the Contempo 'conversion' plant back in 1977. I graduated high school that year, so I clearly rmember how hot the Van scene was at that time - this would have been the cat's meow, and it still is! Shag carpeting, groovy seat upholstery, folding sofa/couch/bed and oh that quilted vinyl on the ceiling!! I should have taken off the front seat covers and vacuumed the large amount of fuzz from the seat covers, but didn't -the cloth on thoseseats, which are swivel buckets isn't great, so I left the covers on since I got the van. There are some door panels no longer with the van, but easily replaced, I am not sure if they were covered in vinyl, painted or finished in some way, but guessing they were a fiber construction and didn't fare well in the Oregon climate. Easily replaced though if someone wants to, I was going to. The adjustable overhead lights are still functional, as is the rear overhead light with a nightlight built in. The cabinets are in super good condition - solid, not soft, and really are just as new - (but older now), as is the fridge (ok, Icebox), drawers and all the shelves. There's a spot to put water in, that pumps into the sink as well as a sink drain, but I haven't tried that out, assuming there is a tank for the water behind the drawers? The front seats as I mentioned have some seating surface wear, presumably from the sun, or from age, but it matches the sofa material. The vinyl around the seats is good, the cloth centers aren't terrible but the drivers seat is the most worn - this is house grade material, not automotive grade, and they likely didn't plan for it to be good 40 years later....The seat covers were on it when I got it, and on it still, so no apologies, I just never got around to messing with it, so please don't beat me up too much there. The table removes and stows under the sofa bed so that it has room to fold out, or if you want it out of the way for 'entertaining'. There were curtains at some point for the side and rear windows as well as dividing the front compartment from the back, but they aren't around either. The rear windows were tinted, and the film still in place, though it's faded to clear now. Maybe it was a mirror finish? Glass is all good, and none is broken - everything but the windshield is original to the van, windshield having been replaced at some time. Everything works inside but one 'dome light', probably the one that Chevy put as a dome, that Contempo moved and put in the sill for the slider. I haven't played with it to see if it's getting power or just what. All the gauges are functional, tilt column is super solid, no wobbles as they get when worn - this is as solid as I have ever had. Horn works, heater works. Vents work, all outside The A/C fan works, but there's no belt on the compressor - however everything is there. My plan here was to install a new compressor probably a York, but maybe use a Sanden, do an R134A conversion and call it done. The radio isn't hi tech, but works on the radio - annnd the speakers, well they suck - typical for 1977. The 8 track I am not sure about - I have one tape cassette and it may be not good, again, not sure but the tape I have doesn't play. There's no CB but it looks like the antenna is a dual that works with CB as well as radio, the mic bracket is on the dash and the bracket for the CB is up above the rear view mirror. 10-4?I'm really surprised how well the shag carpet has weathered the years, Whether you were there in the 70's, or not - this is the real deal! The only thing that doesn't go with are thecurrent license platesand the two rear speakers, I just hooked them up to make sure the stereo worked. You'll also note the yellow plates in the back, these are the plates that this van was originally issued - though no longer registered to the vehicle, they will go along to whomever purchases Dragon Around (I will be keeping the Star Wars themed plates that are currently registered to the van - sorry). Title is clean, clear, with no brands, liens, or encumbrances, in my name and in hand, and ready for the new owner. The body is super solid - remember that Oregon uses no salt on it's roads. Is it perfect? No. But. There is no rust out or rot. Yes, there's a little surface corrosion here and there but very minor, and mostly on the painted areas, from just sitting - a good buff job or hand cleaning then waxing will do wonders. I do not believe that there is a more solid 1977 Chevy Short Van that's as cool as this at this price point out there, period. So - Why isn't it detailedup more? I didn't do this as one, I didn't have time, and two, once I decided to sell Dragon, I wanted you to see EXACTLY what he was. There has been no detailing, rattle canning, undercoating or anything to hide anything, yes, I know the engine and underhood is dirty - but the accumulation is 4 years worth, and will clean up - I believe in an honest presentation, and no surprises. Covered in rattle can and undercoat you have NO clue what could be hidden underneath, with Dragon Around - nothing is hidden. There's a couple minor dings here and there, most of them a good 'ding man' could take care of, and a couple dings in moldings, and a tailight molding of which all is available for replacement online and in wrecking yards, also a dent behind the spare tire you should be able to see in the pics, likely from backing into a wall or parking structure and bending the tire mount with the rear mount tire - they replaced the mount, but never fixed the door itself. One doesn't notice it, but I know it - so am telling you. Minor stuff, but again, Dragon is 40 years old and not perfect. The slider door drops a little at the very back and needs help (lifted up a little)as it gets open farther, likely due to the era common extender to get it past flares etc - but the door closes super nice, and locks with the key like it should as do the back doors. Look close at the pictures, and you will see just how solid and intact this van is - you could do some resto, or just have fun as is - it can go either way. Paint all looks to be original. There is some oxidation here and there, and a little wear, but 40 years? I didn't ever buff it, as I liked the patina as is, you can see there is plenty of shine still and the paint, other than the spot on the hood to the pass side isn't any thinner than when new. Chrome is nice, not rusty or peeling. The hitch out back is pretty stout, and that I was told, used almost solely to haul the matching boat. Wish there were pictures of that!! So, all that said Dragon around is a really cool 1977 Short Van with all the tricks of the day, minus the visor and flares that once adorned it, and the sidepipes that 'should' be there in my book. You can hop in a daily drive it, or go as far as you'd like. I believe Dragon is one of the better buys on eBay right now in a Custom van, and I hate to sell it - but it's time. If you have any questions at all, please let me know, I will get back to you as soon as possible and answer them honestly. Thank you for looking and bidding!


You'll definitely have fun driving and showing and even camping in thisvan - be prepared to get tons of smiles and thumbs up - (the girls AND guys will dig it!) and be the hit of any car show you take it to, with most likely a trophy or 3 to take home for the trouble, I will try and answer any questions I can as quickly as I can, and as honestly as I can. We are hoping that someone who digs what thevan IS will be able to purchase and continue to love on and appreciate it. It will be the source of many smiles, waves, envious stares and enjoyment that we know for sure. Buy it drive it and enjoy it - it's better than money in the bank and one heck of a lot more fun!

Now for the nitty gritty: PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO PAY! If you have zero or negative feedback - please contact us first. We reserve the right to cancel bids to those who don't adhere to this request. If you need to get permission of any sort to buy - PLEASE GET IT FIRST. Excuses such as - I had the money now I dont, My spouse doesn't like the color, Gee I got sick as soon as I won the bid in the last 30 seconds of the auction, Oops I hit buy it now by mistake, My kid bid not me, My attorney says etc etc will not be tolerated or excused. PLEASE think before you bid! A500.00partial paymentis required within48 hours of auction close, the balance in full due within7 days of auction close. Paypal will not be accepted on any part of the auction unless agreed upon in advance. Payment is by bankwire, cashiers check or cash. No overpayment situations please. If paid by any form of check - check will clear bank before vehicle leaves it's present location. Winning this auction does not qualify you to fly in and inspect the vehicle then decide IF you want it, or to renegotiate. The vehicle is available for inspection by appointment, so if you aren't sure - please come see it first! Shipping is at the expense of the winning bidder. Vehicle must be picked up near McMinnvile, Oregon. Vehicle is a used car that is39plus years oldand therefore sold as is and without warranty of any kind. Vehicle is being purchased from the current owner, not Houseofhotrod, and the bill of sale will be from that owner. We do guarantee the availability and posessionof a title (it's my personal van so it's in my name) with no leins or encumberances at time of sale, and that title is a clean and clear oregon title with no brands. We will help you arrange shipping any way we can, and will help facilitate a truck picking it up etc., but winning bidder pays for all shipping charges. Sorry if we sound snotty here - we just want to communicate that we take our eBay seriously - all we really ask is that you do the same!! This makes it much easier for those of YOU who are also serious about bidding and buying. I have bought many vehicles here and understand your concerns - we've been there! PLEASE ask questions if you have them - I will do my best to answer honestly and quickly. Thank you for looking and bidding!

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