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1960 Thunderbird Convertible BLK RD No Reserve $999 Relisted Almost Free LOL

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Item location: Englewood, Colorado, United States
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Thunderbird
  • SubModel: All Options
  • Type: Convertible
  • Trim: Convertible NO RESERVE BARGAIN $$$$
  • Year: 1960
  • Mileage: 90,975
  • VIN: 0Y73Y107860
  • Color: Black
  • Engine size: FORD Vintage
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Seats
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Red
  • Drive side: USA
  • Options: Convertible, Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

Ford Thunderbird 1960 Description

OK BARGAIN TIME to all Intertested partys...Thanks to the 1300 +++ Last Viewers ... this is hopefully THE FINAL listing ( but who knows!!) as this has got to go as they say in a Clearance Sale LOL...but if I get flaked on again Ill relist till it SELLS to a Genuine Serious Buyer Bidder please.I can Cancel all bids convert to a BIN IF we agree on a price only more than a day before this ends only but prefer to lket it run the week long time frame..OK relisting as the last recent bidder buyer backed off as he wanted an Assurance this was the Original Engine and I can NOT state that it is,,,,only that its possibly so here we go again.so Im RELISTING with new info and a few diff photos of Engine Block by Drivers Side by oil Filter and a new pic of undercarriage My Mechanic could only find the #s Shown on the Block #3L11 plus a few others I pictured This IS a FORD Motor most LIKEKLY a 352 CI and he doubted it was a 390 .. I make NO Claims that this IS the ORIGINAL Motor or that its a Correct 352 only that its a period correct FORD engine and OLD!! Its probably the original but I have no evidence to prove that or show that it is or isnt... IF this is IMPORTANT to you then this is NOT the Car for you !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a car thats to tinker with or restore further or just use as is but NOT a Deluxe Completly Original as Carbs Changed along with A/C and wire Wheels etc etc etc etc but mostly original He found no evidence of any major repairs accident damage except perhaps a minor bumper hit in the rear in the past at most by looking at the frame but even he wasnt sure if it was a weld from the factory in the corner by the frame.He also Noted possibly leaks from either wheel bearings or Brake Cylinders that doesnt come as a surprise The Correct Matching VIN in is Stamped on the Body near passenger side fender well by inside the engine bay also
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY>>> 100% TOTAL TRANSPARENCY and For Sale by Private Seller is my 1960 Thunderbird power Top Convertible.with all Options that were available except larger motor I recall.not available with AC. I bought this off ebay 2 and a half years ago The seller was not as open as I will be and Told me its great etc etc and altho not a Concours de lux show car it was still a great driver.!!! yeah Right !!! It is a kool looking beast and looks great from a few feet away but definitely not perfect by any means.. Paid $25,000 and put $1000 more in it .yet it still needs more..time and $ than I have to deal with at the present..Starting bid at $999 for this Great Piece of motor Classic History Im not a used car salesman etc stating do Not expect the new car Experience.etc etc .. LOL well DUH darn things 57 years old..so of course not.. So hear comes The True Story so Ill tell ya straight up as I dont want the potential buyer to get any surprises like I did and also any that I can predict or have experienced. You DESERVE to know what yer getting I have no problems with any inspection at your expense tho PRIOR to the sale Nothing to hide but do not want any one disappointed or upset or feel they got misled like I did But its a waste of time in my opinion for the asking price Im starting at and my transparency.....FYI I will not be looking under neath the car anymore Ive gotton greased up enough hahahOriginal Raven Black has been resprayed in the past a decent job but Still has chips at edges and small scratches in many places and also a soft dent ( shown in a pic) that the Transport Driver put in the Drivers door and denied he did it.. Easy to correct.. Red Leather interior appears original and appears redyed.Dash is original and not redyed??.Foam from seats leaves crumbles on the floor but still feel comfy. both Drivers and Passenger Front Buckets work fine with power option on both.Two Ignition keys and gas cap key . Cigar Lighter works fine.Odometer showed 90,100 when I got it and now its 90,900 + may be 190,900 or 290,900? but probably correct at 90,900+ Wipers are Vacuum driven originals and original small size from factory and rubbers only fair and working condition is they sux as expected ...If you are on the gas pedal too much vacuum is diverted away from the wipers They are OK if LIGHT Rain only.. Need rebuild or electric conversion.OR dont drive if Raining hahah..Speedo and Odometer seem fine with a little needle bounce and probably off a bit due to Tire Size..Clock NOT running needs rebuild. lights were working in both ash trays last time I looked..All Lights including map light, turn signal, horn, back up light, hi beam, Interior lights working. as well as licence plate twin lights and back up lights at last inspection... Interior dash lights from Light Pull out Switch do not dim by rotation and only are full on.or off position Parking Lights are fine but Green Turn Signal Indicators are hard to see in the daylight but easier at night time ad not always self cancelling turn Radius dependent.Ford Motor appears to runs strong and ...equally sounds well from both exhaust pipes are decent and smooth... appears to POSSIBLY be the original 352 but see in pix only casting #s I found When I got it it had the 390 Embossed THUNDERBIRD valve covers on it that I changed out and I swapped them to correct Yellow Ford Covers. the Red wrong covers didnt leak oil BUT with the replacement OEM Yellow FORD embossed Covers now leak a bit of oil when running and need gasket sealant or better fitting gaskets to correct.I replaced The battery in July 2015 and a New fuel Pump and in liner Clear Filter and replaced the failing Generator with a correct Rebuilt Ford Thunderbird one, replaced stop brake light switch and Starter Relay also. The OEM AM only Radio was Tube and never worked Replaced with Newer Tbird classic aftermarket AM/FM stereo that works fine/ Replaced Console speaker with a 2 speaker stereo as if it makes a diff as so small a space in the armrest where speaker is but its newer anyhow. Replaced Front Fender antenna. Drum Brakes seem to stop it fine with wear OK BUT hissing noise when power booster is used more than a slight stop so Power Booster under dash should be rebuilt..as I feel brakes are more Manual than modern power.//Power steering is fine on the highway but hard to use in tight turns and parking so needs rebuild as its more like Manual than modern power steering to me.Id say it drives more like a Cruise Ship or a semi LOL NOT a new CAR!!! Front End supposedly had many new parts BUT I think it needs more as I hear a clunk in a sharp turn on occasion.Some minor Leaks under car from tranny same with Oil pan as expected...etc etc but not horrible. Gas Cap replaced with locking one. Exhaust system at rear seems newer. Chrome on outside like Front and Rear Bumper Decent shiney but not perfectInside most if not all parts brite work and trim that are metal have from minor to some slight to moderate corrosion and pitting all trim..Door panels may be resprayed Rubber gaskets at vent windows are not intact as also most rubber seals are only fair along the windows and chipped in places All GLASS seems OEM including Windshield but not sure about that It is older so?? unsure This factory leather INTERIOR is Different than the NON leather ones that have Tufts and Buttons But is CORRECT for the Leather Models. Doors do NOT lock with the key..Driver door panel need a few screws to tighten it to Metal Door Panel Passenger door latches and opens closes fine BUT drivers door wont latch always UNLESS you either rotate the latch wheel at rear of door manually first if its not cooperating OR possibly pull the inside drivers opening handle inside up n down and or the Lock Button inside door panel at top front then it shuts OK.using either method I'd needed ...Needs to be worked on... All Power window work correctly EXCEPT the passenger quarter small window on drivers side. It was OK then when put down would not come up for months of trying Only heard the motor whine...Then all of a sudden months later I tried and it came up where I left it as It is not going down at present.... Its loose in its channel now but Up.where its staying till corrected. The Motor is OK so I think the qtr window is off its Tracks?/ needs work.Power top has newer pump and some of the Deck cylinders and or Top cylinders have been replaced. The Top Control Relays are original sitting by the Newer pump ..Top is working correctly open and close as of last few trys just recentlybut in the past .. On occasion when top was down inside the trunk it wouldnt erect if trunk lid was locked down all the way A simple Bump with my fist near the Front of the Trunk area Drivers Side Corner near the Lock mechanism corner WHILE the Top control switch is pushed forward in vehicle to erect position got it going . Switch was spring loaded but will usually stay in erect or close position till you move it to neutral. Top Fabrics OK but Clear rear window a bit Hazed but still ya can see out it. Top Mechanism seems to be able to stop anytime in its cycle as it should if ya wish to stop at any point and also reverse any time with the exception I discussed ...A Microswitch on the Trunk Lid or Package may need adjustment if it acts up .. Trunk Mats replaced a year ago Spare Tires a Narrow White Wall good tread with black Steel Rim.. Jack and Lug wrench there. WHEELS are NOT the ones that came in 1960 but Later years option at Ford the 4 REAL WIRE WHEELS Thunderbird Logo with minor rust on some spokes Wide White Walls with lots of tread as does the spare also. No rear seat belts and two newer Red ones at Front ...Carpets OK as shown and includes Front and Rear 4 ( four)mostly in the front worn red rubber Thunderbird Logo Front floor Mats.. Glove Box lock is NOT functional with a key but latches open and close.. NO interior light is in the Glove Box.. NO windshield Washer system is left as some one removed all of the rube-goldberg crummy type system but the switch on drivers side... and system never worked well anyhow.I was told there was NO bondo on any of the all metal panels however I only checked with a magnet most of the car and dont think theres any but no promises..Fender Skirts are Original as far as I can Tell No major rust anywhere that I can see but a small area here and there bit in crevices .under doors and on frame No major rust throughs anywhere that I can find....Rear Metal 3 piece Trim Hash Marks need tightening on Passenger side a few are not real tight so screws stripped? Drivers side outside mirror looks OEM Inside Rearview mirror was so bad ya couldnt see out of it so replaced with Correct Repo day Nite Mirror..All spark Plugs and spark plug and coil wires were replaced as well as the Coil with Correct Mustard Color Repo TBird coilThe Carb is a later Holly and Starts fine as long as used daily. However If it sits A LONG TIME THOUGH its harder to start.. Will stumble if you accelerate too fast Before warmed up so I suggest going over the carb.. IS an ORIGINAL AC car but previous owners removed original Compressor and lines and Evaporator etc and USED the SYSTEM from Auto Cool company that T-BIRD people use to convert a non Factory AC car get AC Thus past owner converted the system to newer rotary compressor and added electric cooling fans to the radiator AC works fairly well but dont expect miracles. The factory lower dash AC Pull knobs no longer function and now Turning the fan blower switch from off to low or high turns AC on if Top Levers in KOOL position vs Heat all in all not bad Papers talking about this from AC Aftermarket company called Auto Cool you can visit the web site if you like. Papers are included tho included with as much paper work as I can find along with falling apart but readable Orig owners manual included but a bit raggedy Defroster blows only fair I think the Newer Corrugated tubes may be squished as also left AC blows better than the right half out of the original AC Middle Vent. Also there are a few smaller vents with that system were added under the dash but They need the tubes un kinked I assume as air flows only minimal there as same with defroster I think.. Heat works fine and theres a added shut off and on valve at the Heater Hose for stopping hot coolant flow in the Summer months. Battery Cut off switch was added as well as new Battery Cable to it.Parking Brake seems to hold firmly. Gas Opening by Trunk lid License Plate is by a bungee cord and weak so it needs attention but does stay shut Top when CLOSED does NOT 100% meet the Side windows when completely on position as shown in pic.. needs adjustment. Hood Insulation is flaking apart needs removal and also was not orig from factory anyhow. Hood Release switch says Hood but may be from an Edsel? Engine Hood wouldnt latch till I corrected it It needs a good stiff pull and opens fine then and closes stays shut fine.Some one painted the White Steering Wheel incorrectly red that needs a cosmetic redo. Newer Turn signal lever as old was way pitted a few White knobs also replaced on the ControlsGas tank was supposedly removed and cleaned and sealed I have no way to verify Fuel Guage seems to be approriately correct.. Transmission is also working fine but shifter is sloppy a little when putting in drive 1 or drive 2 etc Reverse and Neutral and Park are fine as long as shifter is in close to correct spot on column. as all these are all known for.. Tranny was supposedly rebuilt not long ago Color fluid is OK Redish. Newer air Filter and oil filter a year ago.Shift Switch under Steering column was replaced with NOS unit as last guy had an alligator clip on one of the wires!!Engine Belts one newer and others seem OK ... EXPANSION Tank off Motor before the Radiator had a major leak when I first got car so I replaced it with Repo Correct Tank a total of 3 different Xs and they all still leaked a little bit of coolant spray when hot . still Even tried soldering the top seam Still leaks a bit of coolant when fully hot so another tank ?? or maybe the Radiator Cap is defective raising the pressure?..Hot Temp Guage seems to work fine .Generator Indicator Light Seems to work fine when turning on or off the engine..but I havent seen the Oil Indicator Light come on lately upon start or turn off ?? not sure if bulb is out ?? or the sender ? But Oil levels fine.so this area Needs help. All in all a Fun Car to show off and drive play with and fix up... Ive never gotton stranded anywhere but have never gone more than a hundred miles Ive put about 600 miles on it in 2.5 years Lots of compliments etc as fun to own and TINKER with BUT not 100% TURNKEY FUN FREE>> Get ready to work on this to improve it. ASK all ?s in case I forgot anything Please bid or offer ONLY if Serious I need a Non refundable paypal Deposit in 24 hours or Ill go to underbidder. Cash or any Check is fine BUT will need to clear before release of Auto .. Wire transfer is fastest NO RETURNS ..... obviously ........Ive been 100% Honest as I can be ASK ?s in case I missed something please. I want the new owner to be satisfied BUT this is an OLD CAR with many Good Points BUT also unknown future possible needs ONLY BID what you feel is appropriate please. I need an assurance that you WILL follow thru Once All Payments are clear I will send Priority with SIGNATURE required the Title and Bill of Sale Not filled out as to miles or sales price that you can do what ya want with and one of the sets of 2 keys The Owners Manual and one set of keys ( gas cap and Ignition ) will stay with the car Till Picked Up by you or transporter that you will need to arrange Please see car is removed within a few weeks But Ill need Final payment in a week at most Please ONLY BID IF you can follow thru..I have CHANGED the pic of the side view where top meets windows and replaced with a Front and Rear View of Undercarriage this car has been in the Denver Area 2.5 years and Came from Tampa FLA where it spent a few years stored in last owners garage before I bought it I see only minor Rust in a few spots where any black paint or coating has flaked off.at door jams hood underneath Trunk lip Bottom of frame etc If there are any major repairs I cant see eveidence of them..Ask any and ALL ?s If I know Ill tell ya and if I dont Ill see what I can discover Car has 2 older Thunderbird Club decals so at one time a previous owner was more into it than me but probably let it go after not enough work on it..THANKS and Have FUN!!!!!!!!!At this price what ya got to loose practicaly FREE LOL Im at (7203393864) if you need further ?>s that are more complex than typing is prcatical. This will ONLY be sold on ebay no where else..so dont ask please just BID!!!!!!I can accept paypal for Total amount ONLY if you pay the additional % otherwise for Deposit Only some ones gonna get a Bargain..

On Aug-06-17 at 17:05:13 PDT, seller added the following information:

NO BUY it Now anymore as Bids are in place ....Ihave no problem with a bidder who retractsfor valid reasons BUT if not in a timely manner Ill block from any and all future bids as that hurts us all...trust wise

On Aug-06-17 at 17:13:48 PDT, seller added the following information:

i may Cancell any Bids from less than at least a few Positive FBs unless you ask me first

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