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1957 Ford Skyliner Retractable Hardtop Convertible "9,838 Original Miles"

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Item location: Boca Raton, Florida, United States
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Fairlane
  • Type: Convertible
  • Trim: Convertible
  • Year: 1957
  • Mileage: 9,838
  • VIN: D7FW316446
  • Color: White
  • Engine size: V-8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: 2WD
  • Interior color: Blue
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

Ford Fairlane 1957 Description

Survivor, 12 V-8, uto, /S, /B, M Radio,Cont. Kit, useum Car!Just one of the world renowned Miller's Mustang Barn Cars all beingsold exclusively on Ebaymotors.com. Also called THEMUSTANGBARN.Exterior: White/BlueInterior: Blue Airweave Vinyl (BC)Engine: 312 V-8 Thunderbird Special (factory original engine)Mileage: 9,838 original miles on actual mileage title.Car has it's original metal vin plate and original Data PlateSerial Number: D7FW316446
Here are 2 videos of my dad showing the top going up and down


------>>>>>>>TOP GOING UPDecoded as follows:D=Engine 312 V-8, V, 45Horsepower7= Year-1957F= Assembly Plant (Dearborn, ichigan)W= Body Style-Retractable Hardtop (Fairlane 500)DataPlate: Decoded as followsBody:51A =51A FAIRLANE "500" HIDE-AWAY HARDTOP (SKYLINER)Color: E = Colonial WhiteTrim: BC= Blue Airweave VinylDate: 21 F= 21st Day of JuneTrans: 3= Ford-O-Matic 3 speed automaticAxle: 1:=3:10-1There are two things you can NOT buy in a vintage car no matter how much your willing to spend....Namely MILEAGE & ORIGINALTY.THIS CAR HAS BOTH!This is the LOWEST documented actual mileage 1957 Ford Galaxy Skyliner with retractable hardtop known to exist!It is original and everything works.The original tires come with the car. We have all 4 stored inside of plastic bags. They still have good tread but are dried out from age....after all they are 58 years old! We do not have the original battery.We have had collectors come from all over the world and take photos of this car....reason being, hey have a Skyliner and want to know how they should be restored. This is not a restored car but a true survivor and an important piece of automotive history...it can only increase in value!In addition to the photos, e took a video which you can see of the top going down and then back up.Equipped as follows:Thunderbird Special 312 V-8, V, 45HP (Original engine)Ford-o-matic automatic 3/speed transmission (Original transmission)Power SteeringPower BrakesContinental KitSunRay Wheel CoversAM Town & Country Radio (it works)Remote Spot LightSO HOW DID FORD ULTIMATELY CREATE THE RETRACTABLE HARDTOP CONVERTIBLE FOR THEIR 1957-1958-1959 CARS?In late 1948, ord stylist Gilbert Spear developed a concept for a new type of retractable hardtop.He was inspired when he saw aprototype ofBuick’s newRoadmaster Riviera hardtop coupe.Spear’s idea was subsequently developed into a 3/8ths scale model called the SYRTIS. The "SYRTIS"came to the attention of William Clay Ford, ounger brother of company president Henry Ford II and the head of Ford’s new Special Products Division.At the time, ill Ford was planning the car that became the Continental Mark II. He was inspired by Spear’s design, hich he thought would add distinction to the new Continental. In early 1953, ord assigned a team of Special Products engineers, ed by Jim Holloway and Ben Smith, o transform Spear’s concept into a production-ready design.Some of Holloway and Smith’s team suggested splitting the retractable hardtop roof in half (which is frequently done with modern ‘retracs,’ some of which even split it into three sections), ut they opted instead for the short “flipper” section, hich tucks neatly under the rest of the roof in the stowed position. The Ford Skyliner’s rear seat had to be relocated for clearance, ut it lost little if any leg or shoulder room in the process, hanks to clever packaging.

Holloway and Smith’s finished design was a thing of beauty. The whole mechanism was fully automated, equiring only about 45 seconds to open or close. Perhaps the development engineers’ most significant achievement was ensuring that the top mechanism was neatly counterbalanced; relatively little force was needed to move each component, llowing the motors to be lightly stressed.

By early 1954, mith’s team was readying the mechanism for the Continental, esulting in a full-size prototype called XC-1500R.

THE CONTINENTAL THAT WASN’TBy then, enry Ford II and executive vice president Ernest R. Breech were losing enthusiasm for the retractable hardtop and for the Continental program in general. Bill Ford’s cost-no-object engineering approach was proving to beVERY expensive, nd some senior Ford executives doubted that it would ever make any money. Even without the ‘retrac,’ the Continental’s retail price was already approaching $10,000, 100,000+++in modern 2015 dollars, nd a towering sum for an American car of this era.

Bill Ford responded with a marketing survey showing that buyers would happily pay a $2,500 premium for the prestige of the retractable hardtop, ut his older brother and Breech remained unconvinced. (Their skepticism was well founded; despite the Mark II’s high price, ord lost money on each one it sold in 56 & 57)

Nevertheless, ord was reluctant to write off the $2.2 million that Special Products had spent developing the retractable roof mechanism. In November 1954, olloway and Smith began working with engineers at Ford Division to adapt the “retrac” mechanism for the 1957 Ford line. The Ford project was approved in early 1955, bout the same time the Continental retractable hardtop was finally canceled.

The 1957 Ford had not been designed with the retractable roof in mind and adapting it was a challenge, equiring many unique components. Bill Boyer’s styling team had to stretch the tail of the standard Fairlane convertible about three inches (76 mm) and raise the rear deck to allow enough room for the stowed top. The fuel tank had to be relocated behind the rear seat, hile the spare tire went under the trunk floor, here the fuel tank had been. In all, he development and tooling added $18 million to the bill for the ’57 Fords.

So after spending more than $20 million dollars in research, evelopment and tooling automotive history was made in 1957 and car lovers could go to their local Ford dealer and order a fully electric retractable hardtop convertible. Note:$20+ million in R&D spent in 1954 is equivalent to almost $300 million dollars today!

The model run last for 3 years...1957/1958/1959 with the general consensus of opinion that 1959 was the best retractable Ford ever built.

One of the things I find truly amazing is it wasn't until 40 years later in 1997 that Mercedes-Benz built a retractable hardtop model when they introduced their 1997 SLK retractable hardtop.

Normally, car of this pedigree, n this conditionis sold to the highest bidder by a Leading Auction Company at prime time on aSaturdayevening. if sold by a large auction house it surely would bring a much higher price...but we really do love the cars more than the money and prefer this method.

Weprefer offering the car on Ebay for many reasons...Just a few are:it saves both each the buyer and seller approx. 10% of the selling price, t gives the buyer the chance to have all of his questions answered and if he or she wishes, o have a inspection before thepurchase is done and even a test drive and most important to us...it makes the entire experience a lot more fun and personal.At $2,942, he Skyliner was the most expensive Ford for 1957. This was for the base car, ith options the price could easily exceed $4000+.This was the first mass production of a hardtop retractable convertible. It helped Ford beat Chevrolet in sales in 1957 for first time in decades. It featured unique electro-servo top; state of the art engineering in 1957.offered Exclusively on Ebayfor sale!Offered Exclusively on Ebay from world famous "TheMustangBarn" Museum in Jupiter,Florida. Near perfect ORIGINAL Showroom Cond.If you really lovecollectable cars read this entire auction as it is very rare that cars in this condition and pedigree appear on Ebay for sale and at a very fair price!THIS CAR IS A TRUE MILESTONE SURVIVOR! Guaranteed to be a NO DISAPPOINTMENT 1957Skyliner that is 58 years young!PAYMENTS:All payments will be made directly to the owner of this car and every car in the Museum...Made payable to Millers Mustang Barn,LLC located in Jupiter, lorida. Every car is owned FREE & CLEAR and all titles are on hand. After you have spoken with us, e send scan a copy of the title and E-mail it to you to prove ownership and that their are NO LIENS on this or any of THE MUSTANGBARN Cars.What about all the 68 other cars being sold thru Ebay from this incredible museum collection?Ebay does not allow any seller to list his web site so if you want a link to all the other cars being sold thru Ebay from the museum....please write to me atluvdg@aol.comand I will be happy to send you the link to THEMUSTANGBARN.
CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE OWNERclick hereLots of copy so please take the time to read everything....As a bonus, very car purchased through Ebay will receive a letter of authenticity signed by Mr. Jack Miller verifying that the car you won on Ebaymotors.com is from the world famous Millers Mustang Barn...also referred to by many asTHEMUSTANGBARN.SO WHY IS THIS INCREDIBLE CAR UP FOR AUCTION ON EBAY FROM THE WORLD'S LARGEST MUSTANG MUSEUM?Jack and Claire Miller opened their 1st Miller's Ale House restaurant in 1988in beautiful Jupiter, lorida. It has become a "must dining place"and is still going strong after 27 years.In 2013 the Millers sold their extremely successful restaurant chain with70 locations spanning from South Florida to Las Vegas, evada. The selling price to Roark was undisclosed but it is public knowledge that the chain grossed over $340 Million the prior year.While Jack & Claire were building and expanding their restaurant business, ack was also pursuing his life long love affair with the automobile, nd in particular the iconic Ford Mustang.By 2008 Jack hadaccumulated somany cars that he had run out of warehouse space in Jupiter to store his collection. He purchased over2acres in Jupiter and built the world renowned Miller's Mustang Barn.When Jack & Claire opened the Museum in 2010, ack had the world's largest and finest collection of Mustangs....which included Shelbys Mustangs, oush Mustangs, ord Mustangs, aleen Mustangs and some one of a kind custom built Mustangs.In addition to Mustangs, ack has 6 or 7 very special other cars from the 50's & 60's and allhis collectionwillbeoffered for sale exclusively onEbaymotors.com.The Museum has existed for a couple of reasons..to house this incredible car collection and to host special events to raise money for some of the Miller's favorite charities....it really has never been opento the general public as Jack has been very protective of his cars....with air-conditioning and humidifiers running 24 hrs a day, days a week and 365 days a year.All cars have been kept on battery tenders and started up and driven a mile or so once a month with the fluids, uel, tc.checked & changed on a regular basis. Jack has had a full time staff taking very good care of his collection....and now the public will be offered through Ebay the opportunity to own one or more of Jack's fabulous collection...truly a once in a lifetime opportunity!Jack is the only car collector I am aware of who had the foresight to buy almost every model Ford, helby, aleen & Roush made since 2006 and preserve them in brand new condition in a climatic controlled car Museum. He also sought out and purchased the very best Shelby Mustangs from the 1960's. The Mustang collection encompasses coupes, onvertibles and fastbacks.If any one of these incredible cars are kept in their current condition, n 15-20 years their investment value will be nothing short of amazing. Every car in the collection is really incomparable to anything elseyou might find being available for purchase.If you are the individual who demands the very best of the best....you won't be disappointed!Every car is in number one condition.Many of the cars reflect the production number of being the very 1st one built in a limited series or the very last one built in the series. In some cases the museum has the 1st and the last of the series.All of the Saleens were signed by Steve Saleen when he visited the Museum and several of the Roush cars were signed by Jack Roush as were the Shelby cars signed by Carroll Shelby who also visited the museum.Carroll told Jack Miller that the Museum is what he would imagine "Mustang Heaven" to be if one existed.I personally love all ORIGINAL documented low mileage cars and among the collection is a very special 1957 Ford Galaxy 500 Skyliner. It is the lowest documented mileage Ford Galaxy Skyliner Retractable Hardtop/Convertible with an "ACTUAL MILEAGE" title of 9800 miles known to exist anywhere in the world.The Museum removed the original tires from 1957 with 9800 miles and has them stored in large plastic bags....I have driven this car and was blown away how incredible it drives....and everything works to perfection.I have had the great pleasure of driving every car in the museum, lbeit it most were just for 1 or 2 miles.Jack was doing his best to cope with his continuing loss of vision as a result of a rare eye disease....even so he could be seen in the Sky box at almost every major auction buying more cars for The Mustang Barn.Two years ago he bought the "Wounded Warriors" Mustang with his final bid of $450,000 going 100% to our heroic wounded warriors. This car was sold twice and raise a million dollars in 5 minutes.When the "wounded Warriors" Mustang is sold on Ebay, ll the proceeds will bedonated to 4 of Jack & Claire's favorite charities.Jack called me a few weeks ago and let me know thatthe time had come to sell his collection because he could "no longer enjoy any of his cars" He sadly told me, Marv, can't see any of the cars...all I can do is feel them and the fun of having these great cars is gone....it's time to let someonewho can actually drive and enjoy them....own one or more of them.Jack has decided to sell them all through the Ebay auction process which will make the cars more affordable to own and to save the buyer the large fees that are charged at every collector car auction.The added bonus is any new buyer can have the option of taking delivery of his or hers new purchase at The Mustang Barn.....but this will have to happen within the next few months as the entire building and it's contents,less the cars, ave already been sold.The Museum is really worth making a trip to Jupiter to see...Jupiter is a short 20 mile ride on I-95 North of the Palm Beach International Airport.The new owner has graciously given Jack until November 1st, 015 to remove all of his cars.This collection of cars falls into 3 categories as far as condition is concerned and if it is in this Museum collection every car really is the BEST OF THE BEST!1.The late model special limited production cars can be honestly described as:BRAND NEW IN SHOWROOM CONDITION!They look new-they smell new-they have VERY low mileage with most less than 100 miles & they are PERFECT!2. The restored vintage cars are all in Number 1 condition and have had either a Rotisserie Restoration or a Body-Off-The-Frame Restoration.ThisSkyliner one of those incredible original cars!3.The ORIGINAL vintage cars with documented very low mileage are in our opinion the best known to exist in the world!Any unsoldremaining cars will be moved to a warehouse in Jupiter,Florida. onNovember 1st,2015and willcontinue to be offered for salethrough the auction format on Ebaymotors.com.Please give us a call at954-873-6495to discuss the car and the lowest possible acceptable price.We can be reached atluvdg@aol.comand if you have a trade, lease send us photos and a complete description.Thiscar being offeredon Ebay Motorscould be entered in any of the topcollector auctions and would certainly sell for more money...but since March of 2000we have sold most of our cars on Ebay Motors and are proud of our 100% feedback rating.Wealso get to know the new owner of any of our cars andwe enjoy the personal interaction with the new owner more than the large auction house experience. It also gives us the opportunity of considering a car or cars in trade......having been a vintage car collector for more than 50 years and still active in the hobby...is very rewarding and still a ball!It also gives the buyer the opportunity for a personal tour of the world famous Mustang Barn before it closes it's doors...the new owner wants to move inNovember 1st, 015.Shipping: If you need help shipping this car in the U.S. or anywhere else in this world, will be happy to put you in direct contact with Mary Olson who has been our sole shipping person for not only us, ut for several of my friends who own car museums. She is honest, eliable, ependable and gives great personal service. She has arranged shipping for myself and several of my friends of more than 3000 cars over the past 10 years.

Twenty First Century Auctions has been selling fine Late model sports cars, intage and collectible cars on EBAYMOTORS since March of 2000 and we have a 100% feedback rating.

Even in this very tough economic times where real estate has tumbled down a very steep hill....vintage cars...the real ones...the pedigreed cars in great restored or near perfect original condition continue to hold value and in most instances appreciate.

Why not have fun with your money? ...enjoy your life and know that when you wake up in the morning your dollars are still safe in your garage or warehouse and haven't evaporated into thin air.

We are urging you toPLEASEcome and inspect the car in person, rive it or to hire an expert inspector to do this for you. AGAIN....Please do not ask us to recommend anyone....we want you to select & hire your own inspector.

If you wish to schedule an appointment to see this car, lease call me at954-873-6495....We would appreciate at least a one-two day notice. This car and all of THE MUSTANGBARN cars are on display in the round the clock air-conditioned private museum in Jupiter,Florida...a short 20 mile drive from the Palm Beach International Airport.

Please don't buy a Museum quality car like this unless you have a garage to store it inside. This car has never been left outside overnight nor has it been driven in inclement weather.

You can look at this car in bright outdoor sunlight or indoors under halogen or florescent light...it still looks spectacular....but don't take our word...PLEASE...come and check it out yourself. I personally don't like surprises and it's our goal not to give you any....this is a NO DISAPPOINTMENT COLLECTABLE INVESTMENT CAR

We don't "play games" We love when a car is inspected prior to meeting the reserve. We have no secrets and are proud of our 100% feedback rating...we have been selling great cars like this formore than15 years onEbaymotors.com.

Please...do not e-mail us and ask "What is your reserve"

Just call us and we can discuss money...the car...a trade...or whatever is on your mind..even if your calling fromAustralia,Europe orJapan. We will not e-mail you the reserve but will discuss it with you on the phone!

We are all car guys that are very easy to speak with...no Prima Donnas at this end...just car lovers that do this for the fun and passion of loving our hobby...for the past 50+ years!

We really do love the cars...a lot more than the $.

Once you speak with us...you'll agree...we are sincere and dedicated to this eternal love affair with the automobile

The reserve is set at a very, ery fair number...if you wish to discuss the amount

please don't write and ask "What is the reserve price"

Instead...please call us at954-873-6495..... Anytime between9:00 am EST and 8:00pmEastern Standard Time, onday thruSundaywould be great.I will not e-mail you what the lowest acceptable price is so PLEASE don't write and ask this question. In the past we would e-mail reserve prices but after this confidential information began to appear on blogs and in chat rooms, e decided to refrain from this practice. We will gladly give you this information on the phone!

As with all of our fine cars...we invite your and urge your personal inspection. If you see it....and drive it...you will buy it!

SHIPPING: Many of my friends and fellow collectors have shipped literally 1000's of cars over the past many years...all with a great gal named Mary Olson who owns Crossroads Transport...I will be happy to give you her e-mail & telephone & connect you up on a DIRECT basis with Mary and she can handle any shipping needs...this car should be shipped ENCLOSED!

OUT-OF-THE-USA SHIPPING: Over the past 50 years I have shipped cars to more than 40 countries...I can put you in contact with the right people who will give you great service at a fair price.

For financing...trywww.jjbest.comorwww.woodsidecredit.com

If you have a trade...please e-mail us atluvdg@aol.coma complete set of photos....details and a phone number.Also, e have contact with shippers throughout theU.S.and WORLDWIDE...We will be happy to assist you.


The Millers are selling their entire collection but if you have a really nice trade, would consider acquiring it for our collection.

We accept most anything in trade but please, O Motorcycles, ot Rods, treet Rods, est-o-rods, it Cars, eplicas, lones, oats, irplanes, ewelry, otor homes, eal Estate,Helicopters, ubmarines, tamps,Coins or unregistered stock, tc.

We will only accept cars of the quality, orrectness and authenticity that we sell & collect

We will consider any nice vintage or antique car or late model Luxury car with a clean CARFAX & CARCHECK report. Please call us first and discuss this with us..and if we have an interest, e would then have you e-mail a complete set of photos and details.

E-MAIL the photos of your trade or trades toluvdg@aol.com

Thanks and best of luck!

Please write or call for more details....

If you are interested in this vehicle, lease call us at(954) 873-6495and we will stand next to the car and go over everything with you in great detail...there will be NO surprises...or better yet...come and inspect it yourself. (appointment a day or two in advance is required)

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AS IS - NO WARRANTYThis vehicle is being sold as is, here is with no warranty, xpressed written or implied. The seller shall not be responsible for the correct description, uthenticity, enuineness, r defects herein, nd makes no warranty in connection therewith. No allowance or set aside will be made on account of any incorrectness, mperfection, efect or damage. Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as a warranty of any type. It is the responsibility of the buyer to have thoroughly inspected the vehicle, nd to have satisfied himself or herself as to the condition and value and to bid based upon that judgement solely. The seller shall and will make every reasonable effort to disclose any known defects associated with this vehicle at the buyer's request prior to the close of sale. Seller assumes no responsibility for any repairs regardless of any oral statements about the vehicle.

There is no such thing as a "PERFECT" car...especially when dealing with vintage cars that are 25,35 and even 50 years old. However...this car is considered in "SHOWROOM NEW" condition!

Arranging for an independent third-party inspection is a great way to validate a seller's claims about a vehicle's condition. There are many companies and individuals who offer such a service. Of course your personal inspection and scrutiny are suggested and most welcomed.

The seller has made a diligent effort to accurately describe this vehicle but does not expressly or implicitly guarantee the accuracy of the above description.

Bidders and prospective purchasers are urged and cautioned to conduct their own due diligence, ncluding a physical inspection in person or through a qualified third party inspector or appraiser, efore contemplating a purchase or making a bid on this vehicle.In fact, e would welcome and encourage such an inspection, nd will make every effort to make the above described vehicle available at a time convenient to the perspective purchaser or their agents

We charge NO fees of any type. NONE!

We will help arrange to have your vehicle picked up on a bonded, icensed and insured carrier.

There are no dealer fees or other charges and you are responsible to pay all sales taxes in your home state .


If you call us firstwe can scan the title and e-mail a copy to you.

Required payment is 20% within 72 hours and the balance in full within 7 days thereafter.If you buy a car from us and are not happy with something that is major in nature, lease call us and let us know. If we feel it's our fault, e are only too happy to discuss making a possible adjustment on the final agreed price.

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