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1970 Ford Boss 302 Mustang, Bright Yellow, Concours Driver

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Item location: Poway, California, United States
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Mustang
  • Type: Sportsroof
  • Trim: Boss 302
  • Year: 1970
  • Mileage: 89,804
  • VIN: 0T02G113342
  • Color: Bright Yellow, Code D
  • Engine size: 302 4V
  • Number of cylinders: V-8
  • Fuel: 91 Octane Unleaded
  • Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black, Code BA
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

Ford Mustang 1970 Description

Hello everyone,

I am selling my 1970 Boss 302 Mustang, hich I have owned now for six years. in the hopes of finding a well intentioned and knowledgeable buyer that appreciates the car and wants to give it a good home.

I have listed the important features and numbers that will clearly show that this car is fully equipped and not missing many of those important, ard to find, nd costly parts. In addition, he car has many unique pieces such as an installation of early 1970 build Metuchen engineparts, n original and functioning Boss 302 Rev Limiter, omplete and correct smog system installation, nd AM 8-Track Stereo.


Build Date: 09/25/1969 (on schedule)

This car was the 11,342nd vehicle scheduled for production at Metuchen.



VIN Information:

0 - 1970

T - Built at Metuchen

02 - Mustang Sportsroof

G - 302-4V Boss

113342 - Scheduled Production Number

Buck Tag:

Buck Tag Information:

439 - Assembly Line Sequence Number

7 - Inspector Number

25J - Scheduled Build Date (September 25, 969)

63A - Mustang Sportsroof

BA - Black Rino / Corinthian Vinyl Bucket Seats

OT - O – 1970 T - Metuchen

G113342 - VIN Number

D - Yellow Paint Ford #3470-A

PB - Power Front Disc Brakes

DE - Dual Exhaust

BO-RS - Boss / Black Out – Spoiler Rear Deck

RM - Mirrors, olor Keyed Dual Racing

CT - Space Saver Spare


RS - Rear Deck Spoiler

4-Speed Close Ratio Manual Transmission

Traction-Loc Differential

SC - Convenience Check Group

Power Steering

LP - AM Radio - Push Button



Sports Slats

Magnum 500 Wheels

Shaker Hood Scoop

Stereo Sonic Tape Player (AM 8-Track)



Tach Dash: Original FoMoCo Tachometer with Trip Odometer

Restored – 2004

Steering Wheel: Original FoMoCo Standard Two Spoke Steering Wheel

Restored - 2010

Radio: Original Ford / Motorola AM 8-Track Radio Stereo Sonic Tape Player

Ford Part Number: DOZA-19A242

Motorola Part Number: 15D41291 (bottom plate)

Installed - April 2013

Stereo Door Speakers

Ford Part Number: C9ZZ-18808-A

Stereo Speaker Covers

Ford Part Number: C9ZZ-18978-A

Wiring Harness - Radio To Stereo Speakers

Ford Part Number: C9ZZ-19A041-A

Door wiring harness – drivers side

Ford Part Number: C9ZB-13A769-M

Door wiring harness – passenger side

Ford Part Number: C9ZB-13A769-L

Door wiring harness clips

Ford Part Numbers: 382034-S100 and 382930-S

Console: Original FoMoCo 1970 Center Console with Shelby Gauge Pod mounting Oil Pressure Gauge and Ammeter Gauge

Installed / Restored April 2010

Carpeting: Concours Reproduction Standard Black Carpeting (Code BA)

New – April 2010

Floor pans sealed with Por-15 and spray-on rubber sealer with pre-cut sound deadener/insulation added.

Front Seats: Original FoMoCo Standard Black Rino / Corinthian Vinyl Hi-Back Bucket Seats

Date Tag found on drivers side seat frame:

Date Tag found on passenger side seat frame:

Manufactures Tag found on passenger side seat frame:

Dash Pad: Concours Reproduction Universal Urethane dash pad with original Ford tooling / supplier of vinyl for exact grain and texture

New - 2014

Installed new instrument cluster circuit board, urn signal switch, eadlight switch, nd LED lights in instrument panel.

Installed passenger side sun visor with autographed signature of Parnielli Jones.

Installed drivers sun visor sleeve showing key removal instructions for the ignition lock (ignition lock installed and functional

The headliner has a small hole (about the size of the end of your little finger) near the passenger side sun visor. A second hole (repaired) is on the drivers side near the coat hook. These were present when I purchased the car. I have just not gotten around to replacing the headliner.

This car is equipped with the Convenience Group as a factory installed option. The door buzzer and trunk light wiring were disconnected when the new carpeting and floor insulation were installed.


Engine: Correct FoMoCo Boss 302-4V Service Replacement Engine

Ford Part Number: D1ZE-6015-BA

VIN Number: None (service replacement)

Date: 1J8

(1 = 1971)

(J = September)

(8 = 8th day)

New - 1990 Rebuilt - 2002

302 70 7 Ford

1 – J 299 – B

Engine Tag:

302 - Engine C.I.D. (302 V8)

70 - Year Model (1970)

7 - Change Level (modification order 7)

J - Engine Production Year – Month (1971–September)

299 – B - Engine Code Number (Boss 302)

Crankshaft: Unconfirmed

Pistons: Unconfirmed

Connecting Rods: Original FoMoCo Boss 302 C3A3 Connecting Rods 751 gram

Ford Part Number: DOZX-6200-A

Restored - 2002

Bearings: Original FoMoCo Boss 302 Connecting Rod Bearings

Ford Part Numbers: DOZX-6211-A and DOZX-6211-B Bearings

Restored - 2002

Timing Cover: Original FoMoCo Sheffield Boss 302 Timing Cover

Ford Part Number: C90E-6059-A

Date: September 69

Restored – May 2010

Timing Gear / Chain: Cloyes S406T Timing Camshaft Gear, 431 Crankshaft Gear and C358 Timing Chain

New – May 2010

Balancer: Original FoMoCo Boss 302 Crank Balancer

Ford Part Number: D0ZE-6316-A

Date: 9K

(9 = 1969)

(K = October)

Restored – May 2010

Oil Pan: Original FoMoCo Boss 302 Oil Pan Baffled with Side Drain

Ford Part Number: C5AE-6675-G

Date: 9 8 69 2

(9 = September)

(8 = 8th day)

(69 = 1969)

(2 = 2nd shift)

Engine uses seven (7) quarts 10W-40 Conventional Motor Oil with filter per revised OEM Specs.

Oil Dipstick: Original FoMoCo Oil Dipstick Updated For Seven (7) Quart Application

Ford Part Number: D0ZE-6750-C

Restored – May 2010

Starter Motor: Original FoMoCo Autolite 12V Starter Motor

Ford Part Number: DOAF-11001-C

Date: 7A4

(7 = 1967)

(A = January)

(4 = 4th day)

Restored – May 2010

Intake Manifold: Original Buddy Bar Boss 302 Low Rise Aluminum Intake Manifold

Ford Part Number: C9ZE-9424-E

Date: 07-21-1969

Restored – May 2010

Side Note: "FIRING ORDER" on manifold is spelled "FIR NGORDER".

Carburetor: Original Holley 4150 4-V 780 CFM Carburetor

Ford Part Number: D0ZF-9510-Z

Holly List Number: 4653

Date: 983

(9 = Year - 1969)

(8 = Month - August)

(3 = Week - 3rd Week)

Restored – July 2012

Carburetor Tag:

Carburetor Spacer: Original FoMoCo Carburetor Spacer Plate

Ford Part Number: C9ZZ-9A589-C

Restored – May 2010

Throttle Return Spring: Concours Correct Yellow Code Throttle Return Spring

Ford Part Number: C9ZZ-9737-F

New – October 2009

Shaker Hood Assembly: Original FoMoCo Boss 302 Shaker Hood Scoop Ram Air Assembly

Air Cleaner Base Assembly

Ford Part Number: D0ZZ-9600-N

Air Cleaner Element

Ford Part Number: FA-41

Shaker intermediate Plate

Ford Part Number: D0ZZ-9600-CC

Shaker Ram Air Scoop

Ford Part Number: C9ZZ-9B634

Shaker Hood Trim Ring

Ford Part Number: C9ZZ-16958-A

Trim Ring Brackets

Ford Part Number: STRB-1

Shaker Hood Seal/Drain Hose

Ford Part Number: C9ZZ-9B624C

Shaker Support Bracket

Ford Part Number: D0ZZ-9A627-A

New - 1978 Restored - 2010

Valve covers: Original FoMoCo 1970 Boss 302 Stamped Steel Chrome Valve Covers

Ford Part Number: C9ZZ-6582-B

Restored – April 2013

Valve Cover Drip Rails: (not installed)

Note: Early Metuchen Boss 302 build.

Documented up to Oct 17, 969 build date with chrome valve covers and blue smog canisters. There may be some later, ut at least that late. This same build date group seemed to all have black valve cover oil breather caps and the elevated oil sending bracket, egardless of power steering, auge or tach option. In other words, hey all seemed to have received that set up regardless of a warning light sensor or the bell shaped remote sending unit being installed.

Research on these facts has been documented by Donald Farr in his book, ther Mustang restoration publications, nd by several Boss 302 Registry members including Douglas Monroe (AKA: fatboy).

I have worked to incorporate these unique details, long with many other Metuchen plant assembly line differences to make this a truly one-of-a-kind car that any collector would be proud to own.

Heads: Correct FoMoCo Boss 302 Heads

Ford Part Number:

Right: D0ZE – 6090 – A

Date: 0B9 (February 9, 970)

Left: D0ZE – 6090 – A

Date: 1176

Rebuilt - 2002

Camshaft: Crower 15415 Solid Roller Cam

New - 2007

Lifters: Crower CRO-66215H-16 Severe Duty Solid Roller Lifters with High Pressure Pin Oiling

New – 2007

Push Rod Guide Plates: Original FoMoCo Push Rod Valve Plates

Ford Part Number: C9ZE – 6A564 – B

Rebuilt – 2007

Distributor: Original Autolite Dual Point Vacuum Advance, acuum Retard

Ford Part Number: C9ZF – 12127 – E

Date: 9J7

(9 = 1969)

(J = September)

(7 = 7th day)

Restored – May 2010

Vacuum Advance: Original FoMoCo Autolite Distributor Vacuum Advance

Ford Part Number: C8AF-12378-C

Housing Stamp: X12

Restored – Aug 2012

Pertronix Ignitor Installed:

New – 2003

BTDC initial timing adjusted from 13 degrees to 6 degrees after installation.

Coil: Concours Reproduction Autolite Yellow Top FAC – 12029 – A 12V Coil

Ford Part Number:FAC-12029-A

Date: 0LEC

(0 = 1970)

(L= December)

(E = 5th Week)

(C = 3rd Shift)

Battery: Concours Reproduction Autolite Series 24F Heavy Duty Battery with Original C70Z-10A682-B battery heat shield

New - Nov 2009

Rev Limiter: Original Autolite 6950 Rev Limiter (functional)

Ford Part Number: D0ZF-12450-B (stamped)

Restored – May 2010

Starter Solenoid: Concours Reproduction Autolite RBM Starter Solenoid

Ford Part Number: C7AF-11450-A1

Restored – May 2010

Voltage Regulator: Concours Reproduction Autolite 65 Amp I, , Voltage Regulator

Ford Part Number: C8T-10316-A

Restored – May 2010

Water Pump: Scott Drake Boss 302 Water Pump

Ford Part Number: D0OZ-8501-A

New – May 2010

Water Pump Pulley: Original FoMoCo Water Pump Pulley

Ford Part Number: C9OE-8509-G

Restored – May 2010

Power Steering Pump: Original FoMoCo Thompson Power Steering Pump

Ford Part Number: D0ZZ-3A674-B

Restored - May 2010

PS Pump Tag: HBACC

1 T d F

9 H 19 B

HBA CC - 1970 Small Block, /or w/o AC, 0ZZ-B

1 T d F - Manufacturing Code, F = Ford)

9 H 19 B - Tag Date

(9 - 1969)

(H - August)

(19 - 19th Day)

(B - B Shift)

Pump uses Type F Transmission Fluid per OEM Specs.

Power Steering Cooler: Original FoMoCo Blissfield Power Steering Oil Cooler

Ford Part Number: D0ZA-3D746-A

Restored – May 2010

Power Steering Hoses: Concourse Reproduction from Bluedot Industries

Short Double Crimp Power Steering Hose

Ford Part Number: C60A 3A 717-A 70

Short Double Crimp Power Steering Hose

Ford Part Number: C60A 3A 714-A 70

HP to Valve Power Steering Hose

Ford Part Number: C8ZA 3494-A 67-70

Boss 302 Power Steering Pump Hose

Ford Part Number: D0ZA 3A 719-D

Valve to Pump Power Steering Hose

Ford Part Number: C8ZA 3A 713-A 67-70

New – Aug 2010

Power Steering Pulley: Original FoMoCo Power Steering Pump Pulley

Ford Part Number: D0OR-A

Restored – May 2010

Power Steering Bracket: Original FoMoCo Power Steering Pump Bracket

Ford Part Number: D0ZA-3C511A

Restored – May 2010

Fuel Pump: Original Carter X 4910 – S Mechanical Fuel Pump

Date: 30G9A

(30 = 30th Day)

(G = July)

(9 = 1969)

(A = A Shift)

Alternator: Original Autolite 55 Amp, 5 Volt Alternator

Ford Part Number: D0ZF-10300-A3

Restored – May 2010

Alternator Pulley: Original FoMoCo Alternator Pulley

Ford Part Number: C5AF 10A352-H

Restored – May 2010

Alternator Brackets: Original FoMoCo Alternator Brackets

Ford Part Number: Upper Bracket: D0OE-10156-A

Ford Part Number: Lower Bracket: D0OE-10145-A

Restored – May 2010

Engine Fan: Original FoMoCo Five Blade Flex Fan

Ford Part Number: CF C8SE-B

Date: H69

(H = August)

(69 = 1969)

Restored – May 2010

Engine Fan Spacer: Original FoMoCo Fan Spacer

Ford Part Number: C8ZE-D

Restored – May 2010

Radiator: Correct FoMoCo 3 Row Heavy Duty Radiator with Correct Zinc Autolite Radiator Cap

Ford Part Number: D0ZE – E1

Date: 0BA

(0 = 1970)

(B = February)

(A = 1st Week)

Restored – Mar 2013

Upper Radiator Hose: Concours Reproduction Autolite A-Y Upper Radiator Hose

Ford Part Number: C9ZE-88274-C

New – May 2010

Lower Radiator Hose: Concours Reproduction Autolite A-Y Lower Radiator Hose

Ford Part Number: D0ZE-88273-B

New – May 2010

Exhaust Manifolds: Original FoMoCo Boss 302 Exhaust Manifolds

Ford Part Number: Right: C9ZE-9428-A

Date: 9-2-69

Left: C9ZE-9431-A

Date: unreadable

Restored – May 2010

Heat Shield: Original FoMoCo Boss 302 Two-Piece Heat Shield

Ford Part Number: Upper: C9ZF-9A603-E

Lower: C9ZF-9A607-D

Restored – May 2010

Heat Riser S-Tube: Concours Correct Boss 302 Heat Riser S-Tube with Witek Clamp

Ford Part Number: C9ZF-98632-D

New – August 2009

Exhaust System: Concours Correct Motive Industries Boss 302 2¼ inch Exhaust System

Original style H - Pipe

Original style mufflers

Original style muffler hanger assemblies

Original style outlet pipe hanger assemblies

Tall shoulder clamps, hosphate nuts, oMoCo stamp

Original style hanger to outlet pipe band clamp

Original style turn down outlet pipes

New–October 2009

Fasteners: AMK Concours Correct Fastener Kit with correct Witek Clamps

New – May 2010


Transmission: Original FoMoCo 4 – Speed Close Ratio Transmission with Functioning Reverse Lockout Rod

Rebuilt – 2003 New seals – April 2010

Transmission Uses 90 Weight Gear Oil Per OEM Specs.



Transmission Tag:

RUG – AW - Identification Code (1970 Close Ratio)

010926 - Transmission Serial Number

Shifter: Original Hurst 4-Speed Competition Plus Shifter Assembly

Original Hurst T-Handle with “Open 4” and Set Screw

Original FoMoCo Chrome Shifter Bezel

Concours Reproduction 4-Speed Shifter Boot

Hurst Shifter Number: 3216274

Restored - 2010

Shifter Bezel

Ford Part Numbers: C9ZB 7262 B

Mounting Plate

Ford Part Numbers: D0ZA-7E046-E

Reverse Lockout Rod

Ford Part Numbers: D0ZA-7E330-S

Shifter Rods

Ford Part Numbers: D0ZA-7B112-C



Shifter Arms

Ford Part Numbers: 0ZR-02B



Bellhousing: Original FoMoCo 6-Bolt 164 Tooth Bellhousing

Ford Part Number: C5AA – 6394 – B

Restored - 2002

Flywheel: Original FoMoCo 164 Tooth 28 Ounce Imbalance Flywheel

Ford Part Number: C9ZZ-6375-C

Restored – 2002

Clutch: Summit Racing Clutch Set

New - 2004


Rear Axel: Original FoMoCo Boss 302 9 inch Rear End

3.50 Gear Ratio

Traction Loc

31 Spline Axel

New seals – April 2010

Differential Uses 90 Weight Gear Oil Per OEM Specs.


3L50 9 981A

Axel Tag:

WFD-F - Service Code (3.50 Locking)

9JB - Date Code (9 =1969)

(J = September)

(B = Second Week)

3L50 - Axel Ratio(3.50 Locking)

9 - Axel Size(Ford 9 inch)

981A - Tag Date (August 1, 969, Shift)


Steering Box: Original FoMoCo 16:1 Quick Ratio Steering Box

Ford Part Number: C7ZR-3550-A

Restored – May 2010



Steering Box Tag:

9108B - Tag Date (October 8, 969, Shift)

SMB K - Power Steering(16:1)

Wheels: Original FoMoCo 15 X 7 Magnum 500

Ford Part Number: D10A-1007-AA

Date: 6-18

Tires: BF Goodrich Radial TA Raised White Letter Tires P45 X 60R X 15

New – 2003

Front Shock Absorbers: National Parts Depot

New – 2002

Rear Shock Absorbers: National Parts Depot

New – 2002

Rear Leaf Springs: National Parts Depot

New – 2002


Smog Pump: FoMoCo Boss 302 White Fan Thermactor Smog Pump

Ford Part Number: 7801149

Date: 2C061

(2 = 1972)

(C = March)

(6 = 6th Day)

(1 = First Shift)

Smog Pump Pulley: Original FoMoCo Smog Pump Pulley

Ford Part Number: DOZE-9C480-A

Restored – May 2010

Pump Adjusting Bracket: Original FoMoCo Smog Pump Adjusting Bracket

Ford Part Number: DOZE-9B452-A

Restored – May 2010

Lower Bracket: Original Smog Pump Lower Bracket

Ford Part Number: DOZE-9B450-B

Restored – May 2010

Smog Canister: Concours Reproduction Carter 4490S Thermactor Air Bypass Valve

Ford Part Number: C8TE-98289-B

Date: 5-21-69

New – Apr 2013

Canister Bracket: Original FoMoCo Smog Canister Bracket

Ford Part Number: DOZE-9C486-A

Restored – May 2010

Check Valve: Original FoMoCo Check Valve with Intake Manifold Pipe Fitting

Ford Part Number:

Restored – May 2010

Hoses And Clamps: Concours Reproduction Stamped Smog Hoses and Gold Cadium Witek Clamps

Restored – May 2010


Correct rolled lip front fenders.

VIN on both front fender aprons matches the vehicle VIN.

Correct textured low-gloss black paint used on hood stripe, ear window louvers, ear spoiler, nd trunk lid.

Correct Boss 302 reflective decals.

Correct factory Bright Yellow Code D Paint. Last painted in 1998 -Overall very good condition, t least an 8.5.

All glass with exception of windshield appears to be original.

Window VIN has original 6 sided “rosette style” dash VIN rivets – Tag never removed from car.

Engine Buck Tag matches all options and VIN.

Door Tag is a reproduction, ut is consistent with the Marti report.


This is just a small illustration of the detail and thoroughness I have spent in researching and documenting this car. With the car comes two three-ring binders that include all the previous documentation of assemblies, arts, art numbers, odel numbers, erial numbers, ate codes, nd all code numbering deciphering, s well as:

Car documentation, hich includes:

Elite Marti Report

Emminger Report

Ford 999 Customer Report

Original factory assembly line Electrical Inspection Card found under the dash

Recreated Build Sheet

Boss 302 Registry Application Form

1970 Mustang sales pamphlet.

1970 Mustang Owners Manual.

Car history, hich includes many original Registrations, ertificates of Ownership, nd Titles of previous owners of the car.

Documented facts of previous owners, ddresses, istorical notes related to the car, ork and restoration done on the car (much of the work done also includes original receipts).

Articles and memorabilia relating to the Boss 302 in Trans Am Racing.

Articles from Consumer Reports, ustang Monthly and other publications regarding Boss 302 detailing, estoration and ownership.

Documentation regarding the cars currentCrower Cam and Pertronix Igniter installation.

Boss 302 sales and advertising memorabilia.

Numerous photographs of past and present restorations by myself and previous owners. In addition, everal CDs are included with hundreds of photos of restoration work done on the car since I purchased it in 2009.

All Boss 302 standard production parts removed and replaced to represent the early Metuchen factory engine build (fined aluminum valve covers with drip rails, ilver smog canister, nd chrome oil breather cap) will be included with the sale of the car.

Ash tray removed to install center console and Shelby gauge pod will be included with sale of car.

Special tools are included with the purchase of the car (rear seal install tool, ear roller bearing install tool) along with the rubber OK stamp and a rev limiter rubber stamp.

A total of 14 8-Track tapes for the AM 8-Track Stereo, tored in an authentic 1970s simulated alligator hide 8-Track tape case.

Also, he following books / publications / magazines will also be included with the purchase of the car:

Mustang Boss 302 - 1982 Edition by Donald Farr

Mustang Boss 302 - 2011 Edition by Donald Farr

Mustang By The Numbers by Kevin Marti

1964 1/2 - 1973 Mustang Detailing Guide by K. A. Helm

1962 - 1976 Ford Component Build Date Manual by Jim Osborn

1970 Mustang Illustrated Facts And Specifications Manual by Jim Osborn

Bosses 302 - 351 - 429 Specifications, eatures, onstruction, quipment by Jim Osborn

1969 - 1970 Mustang Exploded View Illustration Manual by Jim Osborn

1970 Mustang Wiring Diagrams by Scott Drake

1970 Mustang Interior Assembly Manual by Jim Osborn

1970 Mustang Body Assembly Manual by Jim Osborn

1970 Mustang Electrical Assembly Manual by Jim Osborn

1970 Mustang Chassis Assembly Manual by Jim Osborn

1970 Mustang Weld And Sealant Assembly Manual by Jim Osborn

Original Mustang 1964 1/2 - 1966 The Restorers Guide by Colin Date

Original Mustang 1967 - 1970 The Restorers Guide by Colin Date

Motorworks Workshop Mustang 1964 1/2 - 1973 Restoration Guide by Tom Corcoran And Earl Davis

Motorworks Workshop 101 Projects For Your Mustang 1964 1/2 - 1973 by Earl G. Davis And Diane E. Perking-Davis

How To Restore Your Mustang by Larry Dobbs And Donald Farr

How To Restore Your Muscle Car by Greg Donahue And Paul Zazarine

HP Books Mustang Restoration Handbook by Don Taylor And Tom Watson

Muscle Car Color History Mustang 1964 1/2 - 1973 by David Newhardt

Muscle Car Color History Boss And Cobra Jet Mustangs 302 - 351 - 428 - 429 by John Craft

38 issues of Mustang Monthly Magazine - Some dating back to 1987 - Many articles specific to the Boss 302.

An issue of Muscle Car Review Magazine containing an article titled "Trans am - Then And Now"

Collectors Edition Magazine - Mustang Milestones

To describe this car, would use the term "Concours Driver". This Boss is not a trailer queen by any stretch. I have driven it to all my Cruise Nights with my car club and to many local area car shows throughout San Diego County.

In addition, have taken the car on invitation to Mustang oriented car shows at Ford dealers all the way North to Thousand Oaks, wice to Santa Margarita, nd twice to Knott's Berry Farm's "Fabulous Fords Forever" car show. The car has also been on display twice in the Mustang Corral at the San Diego International Auto Show.

Wherever this Boss is on display, t is appreciated. The car has won many awards and trophy's from venders, ponsors, nd by peoples choice.

This Boss will not disappoint you! Thank you for your attention.

Additional information and photos of the car can be found at the Boss 302 Registry Website (boss302.com/check the message board/cars for sale.


This vehicle is being sold as is, ith no warranty, xpressed, ritten, r implied.

I have made every effort to represent this vehicle as accurately as possible and to the best of my knowledge at the time of this listing. I encourage buyers to make a thorough, ndependent inspection and investigation to verify the accuracy of any claims to originality, istory, quipment or other information provided prior to the purchase. If you would like to arrange an inspection of the vehicle, would be happy to schedule a personal appointment with either the buyer or the buyer's representative.

Winning bidder must contact me within 24 hours of auction end, nd make arrangements for payment at that time. A$1,000.00 Non-Refundable Depositto my PayPal Account is due within24 hoursof the auction end. The remaining balance is due within7 days of Auction end. If no contact is made within 24 hours I reserve the right to re-list the vehicle, ell it to the next high bidder, r sell it otherwise. PLEASE, O TRADES.

Buyer is responsible for pickup and / or shipping of this vehicle.

William Farmer


(858) 395-8150

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