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1986 GMC Sierra Classic Survivor 46k Miles Chevrolet Silverado GM 350 INCREDIBLE

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Item location: Booneville, Mississippi, United States
  • Make: GMC
  • Model: Sierra 1500
  • SubModel: Sierra Classic Short Bed Regular Cab
  • Type: Regular Cab Short Bed
  • Trim: Sierra Classic
  • Year: 1986
  • Mileage: 46,320
  • VIN: 1GTDC14H6GF725589
  • Color: Two Tone Dark Blue/Silverado
  • Engine size: 350 V8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic Special Ordered TH350
  • Drive type: 2WD Special ordered TH350
  • Interior color: Blue
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

GMC Sierra 1500 1986 Description

Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to view my 1986 GMC Sierra Classic. This truck has been my baby for awhile and I genuinely love this truck. I'm very confident that the next owner will feel the exact way that I do about this gorgeous time capsule. I literallywouldn't think twice about driving this truck anywhere. This truck has had a very easy life and has been within 30 miles of where it was sold new all of its life. It was sold new at Dossett Big 4 in Tupelo, MS and that dealership is still inbusiness today. I live in Booneville and Ifirmly believe that it is only a 3 owner truck since new instead of 4 owners as the AutoCheck shows. I'll do my best to give you a detailed overview of this trucks simple and pampered life.
In 1986, this truck was special ordered from Dossett Big 4 by a gentleman who knew specifically what he wanted. He wanted a good looking truck with classic features thatdidn't have all of the new non-sense options. For example, he knew that the power windows gave a lot of trouble (slow motion, sticking regulators, etc), so he ordered it with manual windows. The 700R overdrive transmission was still relatively new, but the turbo hydromatic 350 3 speed automatic had been around since the 60s. He knew it was a tried and true transmission, so thats what he ordered. He wanted it to look good with all of the stainless and chrome, so he ordered his Sierra with the Sierra Classic package instead of the cheaper versions (like the High Sierra or Chevy'scustom deluxe). He also wanted a paint scheme thatwasn't very common like most of the trucks at thetime. He chose the two-tone option with Dark Blue as the primary color and Light Charcoal Metallic as the secondary color. This truck was also ordered with just the lower chrome trim instead of the more common upper and lower trim. He also chose several nice comfort options such as air conditioning, dual gas tanks, cruise control, and the Stereo AM/FM/Cassette radio. Lastly, he ordered the interior to match the Dark Blue exterior paint. The interior is decked out in Dark Blue Custom interior which is in amazing original condition. This special ordered GMC Sierra Classic arrived on the showroom floor in the middle of 1986 and unfortunately only a few short years after it was purchased, the original owner passed away leaving the truck to his family whodidn't know what to do with the truck. It sat under a shed on a concrete slab for a few more years until Mr. Coggin purchased this truck from the original owners family.
Mr. Coggin bought this truck in theearly 90s with only 36,000 miles on it. At the time of purchase, the fluids were changed, theplugs were replaced, the plug wires were replaced, new belts were installed, and a few other preventative maintenance items were addressed because this truck had been sitting for awhile. For whatever reason, there was a "tick" in the engine. It was always there. As he drove it, the "tick" became more pronounced. At around the 42,000 mile mark, the "ticking" had turned into more of a "rattle". Also at this time, the dark blue original paint was starting to show some fading. The charcoal center was clear coated from the factory, so the truckdidn't look right with fading "thin" paint on the top and bottom of it, while the middle charcoal paint looked perfect........and the rattle in the engine had to be fixed. Instead of chasing the rattle and having the original 305 rebuilt, Mr. Coggin decided that since he had a one owner truck with no rust and no accident history, this truck was worth making it "right". He ordered a brand new GM 350 crate motor from DavidsonChevrolet here in Booneville (where I live and where the truck has stayed since it was practically new). There was a wait period of about 3 weeks to fulfill the order for the brand new engine, so Mr. Coggin wanted to have the paint corrected. He hired DavidsonChevrolet to paint the truck back to original, while he was waiting on the new crate motor to arrive. After about a month and about $5,000 later, Mr. Coggin had his truck just the way he wanted it. It looked just like it did when it arrived on the showroom floor at Dossett Big 4 in 1986.
Mr. Coggin had a few other classic Chevrolet and GMC trucks, so he rarely drove this incredibly nice 1986 Sierra Classic. The mileage increased minimally over his fifteen plus years of ownership. At the close of 2013 and as 2014 approached, Mr. Coggin was ready to retire and there was an auction held athis Booneville lumber/buildingsupply stores. He auctioned off a lot of his inventory, his equipment, and a few of his classic automobiles including this 1986 Sierra Classic. At that time, Mr. Murphypurchased this truck for quiet a large price after the auction had closed. Mr. Murphy wasn't in the best of health, but wanted to have a nice truck to enjoy before the inevitable happened.
Before Mr. Murphy passed away, I purchasedthis truck from him with the intention of keeping it forever. Well, as life occurs and priorities change, I have decided to sell it. I have an 87 4x4, so Ican't justify keeping both. This 86 is by far thebest truck I have and in all honesty, the best square body short bed I haveever seen in person. I have owned thistruck for several months, but just titled it my name around the first of this year. I, of course, have the clean and clear Mississippi title in my name now and it is clear of anyliens. Literally, all it needs is a new owner. Since I have had it, I serviced the entire A/C system, getting everything up to par. The A/C blows ice cold now and needs nothing. I ordered a brand new AC Delco battery and installed it last month. The truck originally came withRallye wheels with beauty rings. I had ordered a new set of factory GM aluminum "bullet hole" wheels years ago anddecided to put them on this truck along with brand new BFGoodrich Radial T/As that have less than 100 miles on them. I ordered the tires new inFebruary from Discount Tire Direct online, so they are literally only 2 months old. Iwouldn't be afraid to drive this truck across the country and back. It has never given me any trouble, it has tons of power, and drives as if it were brand new. Ican't imagine that this truck drove any better than it does now when the original ownerdrove it off the showroom floor in 1986. The paint shines as new with no runs, no fading, and no issues other than a small dent in the top of the tailgate and a few tiny scuffs here or there due to it being painted such a long time ago. Keep in mind that the engine doesn't have hardly any miles on it, the tires and wheels are brand new, and the body has only 46k miles on it altogether. This is just an incredible truck that is sure to make someone very happy. I tookover 100 pictures, so I could showjust how nice andbeautiful this truck is. There is NO RUST anywhere on the truck, its been in my town practically all of its life, it is titled to me personally, and is kept in my garage at night. I knowthis truck from top to bottom and believe me, it is a truck to be proud of. Please take the time to view all of the pictures below. Keep in mind that when the truck was repainted, the inside of the bed was not resprayed, so what you see there, is original paint. It had a bed liner in it when I bought it. I removed thebed liner, so I could show that there was no rust under it. There are a few screw holes in the bed where the liner was installed. These are not eye catching and practically gounnoticed. There are a few tiny marks in the paint from scuffs and very minor scratches here or there. Ididn't touch up anything or try to hide anything. The only other thing I can think of is that there are a couple of small chips in the windshield. These small spots were looked at by a windshield repairman and addressed. Also, the rear view mirror is a little cloudy.
The interior is phenomenal. The windows roll up and down with ease, the vent windows open with effort anddon't just dangle like most. These vent windows operate like they were supposed to when new (this is a very rareoccurrence if you know anything about these oldersquare body trucks). The cloth seat cover has not been recovered. Its just thatnice and original. I did tape up and repaint the door panels in a perfect match SEMs plastic paint. They were faded a little at the top, so I just repainted the plastic parts of the door panels. Ididn't repaint or paint over the cloth inserts (they look amazing and are original). I make mention of me repainting the door panels because thetop of the drivers side panelisn't perfect. Itisn't bad or rough by any means. It justisn't perfect meaningthat due to age and very minimal wear, youcan't see the grain pattern on the drivers side like you can the passengers side. The dual tank switch is faded and isshowing its age. The instrument gauge bezel is a stainless steel looking overlay. It has some wear on the left side behind the steering wheel and is chipped at the top near one of the screws. This is just an overlay and they even offer this new in the aftermarket. You can just peel the original one off and replace it with a correct looking aftermarket one for about $40. Ididn't do this because I wanted to show just how nice this original interior is. The dash is crack free and is a real vinyl dash. This is not a cover nor is it a cheap replacement urethane dash. If it has been replaced over the years, youcan't tell it. I have seen the aftermarket urethane dash pads and although they look ok, theydon't look good as the original and you can tell the urethane ones versus the vinyl ones. This dash is incredible and only has one tiny (very tiny) blemish in it. The blemish is right at the top right corner where the dash goes over the gauge bezel. Itisn't dented or anything......just missing about an 1/8th inch of paint and is as thin as a sheet of paper. The sun has to hit it just right to even be able to see it. Itried to take up closepictures to show anyimperfections orimpurities throughout and over this truck. This Sierra Classic is incredible and any spot I have mentioned is very minimal and assure you that you will be impressed with this truck. This truck is glorious and I want you to know everything about it before you buy it. Obviously, I'm not wanting there to be any surprises for any potential buyers of this wonderful truck. Again, please see all of the pictures and ask any questions prior to bidding. I anticipate onselling the truck and my reserve is very low considering what others have sold for, soanything over the reserve is up to you guys. I have yet to see a truck of this calibersell lately, so someone will be very happy with this one. Here are the pics:

Now that you have seen the pictures, please keep in mind that this truck is being sold as-is and the buyer is responsible for the shipping of this truck after it has been paid in full. Although I know this truck is inamazing condition for its age, I can notguarantee anything because obviously, it is not a new truck. Its a beautiful piece of GM's heritage and a greatrepresentation of a short bed regular cab 2wd truck. Feel free to bid, to ask any serious questions that you might have, and feel free to call me at any reasonable hour. My cell is 662-416-0900 and my name is Matt. I'll be glad to entertain offers to end the auction early, but I genuinely anticipate selling the truck to the highest bidder. Thanks so much in advance for your consideration. Good luck and God bless.
Romans 10:9-10 :)

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