Duster #s Matching Turbocharged Intercooled 50K Unrestored Demon Boosted VIDEO

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Item location: Ocala, Florida, United States
  • Make: Plymouth
  • Model: Duster
  • Year: 1975
  • Mileage: 50,850
  • VIN: VH29C5B148663
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

Plymouth Duster 1975 Description

This is aNO RESERVE auction. This car will be sold to the highest bidder!

History of this Duster-

This classic Duster was originally obtained from the estate of an elderly woman whom she and her husband had purchased it new way back in Sept of 1975. The car was hardly used, iterally only driven between the house and food store, hurch and doctors offices over the first 20+ years of its life. Somewhere in the mid ninety’s the old man passed away and the Duster was parked in the widow’s garage never to be driven again for close to a decade. When the elderly woman passed away sometime in 2003, he car was put up for sale as part of the estate and that’s where I came along.

The car was an absolute time capsule when I first set eyes on her. With only 17K miles on the odometer, he car looked almost like it would have if I had been standing on the Plymouth dealer’s lot back in 1975. The paint was almost completely original, he interior was close to spotless and free of any rips, tains or otherwise. The body of the Duster was also close to flawless with only minor imperfections from being driven 17K miles… with all of its factory original sheet metal and NO RUST! The floors, uarters, enders, oors, runk and hood are rust free!! It's truly unbelievable. All of the Dusters windows, tainless trim trim and chrome bumpers were equally as impressive and also almost entirely free of flaws. It’s once in a lifetime that you come across a car as solid and original as this Duster; I instantly fell in love with her and knew I had to take her home with me. This was 2004

Making her mine-

You have to understand that the car was in all intent and purposes a stripped down, ase model, lain Jane Duster. The car still had her factory installed 14” tires (badly dry rotted) and hubcaps, he body and paint (despite being almost flawless) looked exactly how you would expect a 90 something year old couple to drive. From the flat stock hood to the wingless trunk lid, o stripes or flat-black trim, s well as still having the large, id 70’s black rubber crash “bumperrets” on both the front and rear bumpers. The Duster’s 255cid Slant Six ran like a purring kitten and every function on the car worked flawlessly other than the AM radio. To be fair, he radio still worked however the lack of AM stations proved any efforts to find something to listen pointless.

The Duster received a full top to bottom servicing. Every fluid in the car was drained and replaced including the motor, ransmission and rear axle differential, adiator and fuel tank. The car had all of her filters replaced as well as new spark plugs, ires, ap and rotor installed. A new battery was installed as well as a new set of Mopar Rally wheels, ew tires, ew shocks and new brakes just to make sure the car was completely road worthy. At this time I also installed the 340 Duster side stripes, ear 340 Duster trunk wing as well as the 340 Duster dual snorkel bolt on hood scoop. The big rubber bumperetts were removed from both chrome bumpers, had the windows tinted, installed a Pioneer CD player and speakers and added the flat black accent over the hood just like the 340 Dusters would have been. The car now was once again completely road worthy and was visually transformed from Grandma’s grocery getter to a lean mean 340 Duster (at least by looks)! Although always garage kept, drove my Duster everywhere!! She was literally my daily driver for several years as well as the occasional road trips all over the south eastern United States with my wife. The car went from a mere 17K miles to just over 50K over the last 11 years of ownership.

The itch for more-

One of the hardest things for me over the last decade of driving the Duster has always been the lack of “rumble” coming from the car. My intention from the start was to pluck out the factory slant 6 and drop in a healthy 340 small block V8. I knew this would require a lot of time and effort to complete the conversion being the entire drive train would need to be replaced, ut that’s what I thought I wanted. The reality however is that I could never seem to muster the courage to rip out the factory motor as the little 225 Slant 6 ran so beautifully. Just a simple tap of the starter and she came to life, an and drove like a champ with ZERO issues, o I decided to hold off on my motor swap plans and rather just upgrade the 225cid to slightly enhance its performance.

My first modification to the car was to replace the factory single barrel carb and intake for the upgraded “Super Six” intake manifold and 2 barrel carb. I found the complete set-up at a Mopar swap meet, ad the factory 2 barrel carb rebuilt then did the install. The Duster instantly performed better with stronger acceleration and quicker throttle response. This was 2009.

Still not enough-

Although the Duster ran flawlessly and with no issues, found myself once again starting to have the desire for more power. I began researching where to buy a 340cid V8, he cost to have the motor built as well as the cost for the new transmission and rear-end that would all be needed for the conversion. The reality set in once again that I would be tearing up a perfectly running all original Duster simply for the need for more power and that’s when the idea of turbo charging popped into my head. I knew I was tapping into uncharted territories and would have to do extensive research before I began, ut I was excited by the prospect and ready for the challenge. This was 2012

One of the biggest challenges of turbo charging the slant six was that there are only a handful of people who have ever done this conversion before so for the most part, was on my own. I spent hours researching everything that needed to be obtained as well as some basic parameters as far as picking the appropriate size turbo for the 225 displacement engine. The log style header was hand built from scratch as was the entire “return style” fuel system with boost referenced regulator. The Dusters battery was relocated to the trunk to make room for the T3 turbocharger and its respective plumbing and a small air to air intercooler was fitted perfectly between the grill and the factory radiator with virtually no modifications done to the car. A new Offenhauser aluminum 4 barrel intake was added and a new “boost friendly”blow through styleProform 650cfm carburetor was built for the Duster. All of the cold side and hot sideboost tubingincluding the downpipe and waste gate were completely hand fabricated and utilized a Tial waste gate,HKS blow-off valve,and features all new factory style 2.5" exhaust system that exits just after the driver’s side rear wheel. The header, he 3" down pipe and the wastgate have been wrapped withtitaniumheat wrap to keep the heat inside the turboas well as using a heat jacket for the exhaust turbine of the turbochargerfor optimalefficiency. The car was tuned using theAEM digital wideband gauge running on regular 93 octain pump gas. I also added an AutoMeter oil pressure and boost gauge tomonitorthemotor. This was completed in 2013

Here we are today-

The car has been finished for several years now and runs and drives perfectly. The best thing about the now turbocharged Slant Six is that it runs just as smooth, uiet and efficiently as it did prior to the turbo being installed, t least until you get into boost. The entire Duster’s drive train is still completely factory original to the car and has only 50K on the odometer!! I was concerned that anything more than about 15-16psi of boost could start breaking the factory parts so she is currently set at 10 to 11psi with a very conservative tune. To be clear, he Duster is not going to be breaking any speed records anytime soon, ut the car went from making a mere 95hp with the stock single barrel 225 Slant Six to an estimated 230hp currently. The car was built to be a reliable, urn key driver and not a race car. It has never been dyno tuned so the exact horsepower is unknown, ut it has easily increased it's horsepower output by 125% all while being conservatively tuned and totally reliable on pump gas.

The car runs and drives like a bone stock slant 6 although you can hear the turbo spooling while driving under normal conditions. The “whistle” is fairly quiet until you put your foot into her, hen the spool becomes all you can hear. Theatmospheric ventingwaste gate is also quite loud under full throttle acceleration as is the shutter of the blow off valve. I figured if I wasn’t going to have the typical V8 rumble sounds coming from the Duster, t least the sounds you do hear would make people scratch their heads and ask “did you just hear that?”

Current Condition-

The duster is still the same car I bought over a decade ago, nly with slightly more miles, ubstantially more power and a few cosmetic improvements as well as some wear and tear. The car is slowly starting to show her age but she is still cleaner and more original than 98% of the A-Body cars out there today, specially those that are un-restored originals. All of the sheet metal on the car is solid and original with no rust in the floors, runks, enders, oors, ood, runk lid, oof or quarter panels. The paint remains bright, eep and shiny, ut it too is starting to show its age with minor stone chips, cuffs and normal wear and tear. The interior is in fantastic condition, he dash and dash pad are perfect as is the headliner, ail panels and door panels. The car would benefit from a new carpet kit as thefactory carpetis becoming faded but other than that she needs nothing. All of the lights, ipers, urn signals, orn, nd gauges work as they should and the windows/glass is in amazing conditionand all ofthe weather-stripping through-out the car is soft and thick. This car can continued to be driven and enjoyed as she currently sits without needing anything. As stated, have driven this car for over a decade now and would not think twice about driving her across the country tomorrow. I have taken several photos of the car just before writing this listing so what you see is what you get. Also, hereisa video clip(link) listed below, ou may have to copy and paste in your search engine in order to find/view.

Walk around &Driving: https: youtu.be/fHP_VLrmld0

Terms and Conditions-

I am in no was desperate to sell the Duster as she is almost part of my family after 11+ years. If she doesn’t sell I will most likely keep her tucked safely in her garage and continue to enjoy her for several years to come. The ONLY reason this car is being offered is I am finding that she is being driven less and less as I have several other cars in which I also enjoy so I’m simply thinning out my collection. The car is being sold in “as is” and “where is” condition with no warrantee expressed or implied. It is 100% the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the vehicle or ask questions before you bid as all sales are considered final and binding. If you do not have the intention of completing the sale then please move along and don't waste you or my time. If you still need to get the wife’s permission to buy her, lease do so before you place you're bid. If you are seeking a loan to purchase a classic car, lease have the funds in your hand prior to placing you bid. Ask questions, equest additional photos, top by and have a look in person, lease do whateveryou need to be confident and comfortable with yourpurchase as all sales are final and all sales are binding.If you have a feedback score of ten (10) or less then you MUST contact me PRIOR to placing your bid or it will be removed and you will be blocked.I don’t mean to sound like a hard-ass, ut I am tired of bidders not following through with their legal and binding obligations.


I will require a $1000. non-refundable deposit within 24 hours from the auctions end through PayPal and the remaining balance will need to be paid in no longer than seven (7) days from auctions end with either cash or direct wire transfer ONLY. The vehicle is safely tucked away in her garage and will not be driven once she is sold, owever the Duster will need to be picked up in no more than 14 days (sooner is better). I am more than happy to assist with transportation arrangements but any associated cost is that of the buyer. I am willing to sell the vehicle to anyone, nywhere in the world, ut again it is the buyer’s responsibility to have the car paid for, emoved and shipped within the timeline stated above. The car is also being offered locally so in the event the car is sold, he listing will be ended. Please feel free to ask question and good luck if you choose to bid and make this one of a kind classic, ne of a kind, n-restored Plymouth Duster yours. Clean and clear title in my name ready to transfer, lease no trade offers.

Questions can be sent through the eBay messaging system or you can email me directly at: ModFatherCustoms@yahoo.com Also, can be reached by text message (no phone calls please, ts a work number) at 352-209-0710. If you would like to talk over the phone, imply send me an email or text with your contact information and I'll call you back as soon as I'm available. Thanks again for looking and good luck.

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