Super Solid 1968 Plymouth GTX Roller Project Pro touring Roadrunner 68 Mopar

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Item location: Newton, Kansas, United States
  • Make: Plymouth
  • Model: GTX
  • Type: 2 door
  • Trim: High
  • Year: 1968
  • Mileage: 999,999
  • VIN: RS23L8G172221
  • Color: Gray and Green
  • Engine size: 440 V8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: N/A
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

Plymouth GTX 1968 Description

If you have questions or want more pictures of the car, please call or text me at 316-250-8498. Ebay only allows 24 pictures so I tried to use them wisely. I think the pictures do a good job of portraying the car's condition but I'm sure I missed something. I can text or email you a link to a photobucket folder with more pictures.

This 1968 Plymouth GTX is from Oklahoma and is incredibly solid. The previous ownerworked onit for 8 years and modified it to drag race but he lost interest before completion. I bought it in 2015 with intent to build a restomod/pro-touring car; but after much deliberation I finally decided tobuild my 1968 Roadrunner post instead. Since this GTX is so solid, I’ve just been hanging onto this car but I don’t need two 1968 Plymouth projects with nearly identical bodies so I’m selling this to fund my ongoing 1968 Roadrunner restomod build. The original440 engine and auto transmission are long gone. Since it was an Oklahoma car, it was in a dry climate and must have been kept inside most of its life because the frame rails, torsion bar cross member, floor pans, and hood hinge areas are as solid as you can find on a 50 year old unrestored B body Mopar. The frame rails are not even scaly. The previous owner removed all the undercoating and painted the bottom of the car with a single stage black paint. The bottom side has plenty of bubbles/imperfections in the paint (see pics), but the paint protects/seals the metal well and without the undercoating, you can see exactly what shape the metal isin.The trunk floor pan and lower quarters received small patches but it didn't have much rust at all. I don't think there is a single hole in the cabin floor pans. The trunk pan received a patch in the corner below the driver's side taillight; that patch has some sloppy welds that could use knocked down/cleaned up. It's not pretty but it's not easy to see either since its in the corner. The car was originally A4 silver but the previous owner painted the engine bay, door jambs, and trunkin Sassy Grass Green, which is a later Mopar color.The exterior sheetmetal was sealed with primer more then 5 years ago so it's not a recent spray bomb. The car does have a few smaller dings but nothing too bad. Since it's just a sealer primer, the exterior will need a high build primer, then blocked/sanded before it's ready for paint. The grille and headlight bezels are straight and in excellent shape. The hood is a light weight lift off fiberglass piece. The front windshield and rear windows are installed and in good shape. The car comes with all the side glass. The rear window corners look like they may have some filler in them but looking in and underneath the window channel, it looks pretty solid...I wish my roadrunner rear window channel had been this solid....

The front suspension has all been rebuilt/rebushed, except the lower ball joints. The rear leaf springs came out of my Roadrunner, so they are pretty old. The frontbrakes are mismatched/incomplete drums so they’ll need replaced. The torsion bar has small torsion bars since it was set up for drag racing. No differential is included. The rear end housing is a narrowed and reinforced 8 3/4” rear end with Moser axles and rear disc brakes. The previous owner mini-tubbed it to accommodate wide tires. New leaf springs forward mounting locations were made, which relocate the leaf spring mounts inboard, for more tire clearance. The new forward mount location was made my creating and reinforcing a pocket inside the rear frame rail at the base of the rear frame rail slope (see pictures). The original leaf springs mounts are still there if you wanted to use those. If you went to a stock leaf spring location you could patch/enclose the pocket that was made. An uncertified roll cage was installed by the previous owner. Subframe connectors were added using 3”x3” square tubing (see pictures). The front frame rails have been braced with round tubing that runs from the firewall to front frame rails (see pictures). I was planning to remove the roll cage and engine bay bracing but I never got around to it.

I don’t have any seats or interior for it. I have a set of blackleather SRT8 bucket seats from a 2008 Charger SRT8 that would be available at additional cost. The original door/side panels are gone and the doors have been gutted/trimmed (see pictures) but the car comes with some aluminum sheet door panels that the previous owner made to use as door panels. The dash has been cut, but I bought a 1969 B body dash frame that is included. The radio and environmental controls are missing; I will includethe heater box from my 1968 roadrunner project. I have a factory 1968 b body instrument cluster I will include but I don’t know its condition as I never used it. I have a pile of stainless trim for the car-it's most if not all of the trim. I have the chrome "GTX" emblems that go on the quarter panels and I have the shiny stainless strips that run along the bottom of the car between the wheels on both sides. I got an automatic column with the car but I don't know if its the original or not-it's included. I didn't receive bumpers with it but I bought a rear bumper core that needs straightened. I do not have the front bumper or mounting brackets. I have the tail light lenses, tail light chrome frames, quarter panel extensions, and round marker lights/chrome for the fenders/ quarters. The front and rear glass is installed and in good shape. I have door and quarter window glass, but not the regulators/door guts). The taillight panel is included and in fairly good shape. Included is the driveshaft I got with the car. It's pretty stout-I'm not sure what it's from. I don't have a radiator, exhaust, headlights, horns, body/interior wiring harnesses, side mirrors, or hood hinges (fiberglass hood was going to be pinned).

I have a clean Kansas title in my name. I don’t have a fender tag or broadcast sheet for it. The dash VIN plate is still fastened with factory rosette rivets.Please notethat the top right corner of the VIN plate was clipped a bit when the dash was trimmed (see picture of VIN plate). I didn't receive a title with the car, so I went through the process of acquiring aKansas title for this car. I took the car to the Kansas Highway Patrol office for inspection. They inspected the car and VIN tag, did a 50 state background search (no issues) andissueda title. Throughout this process, I did not have any issues with the trimmed corner on the VIN tag, but I wantyou to be aware of it. This GTX is a big project for sure but if you've been looking at Mopar projects for any amount of time, you have seen all the possible areas where rust can set in such as the hood hinge areas, the last 12" of rear frame rails, rear crossmember, trunk floor pans, torsion bar crossmember, cabin floor pans, rockers, quarter panels, etc. As the pictures show, this rolling project is extremely solid which would save you a lot of money in the sheet metal repair phase. Ideally you could find a rusty or untitled 1968 GTX parts car and transfer everything over to this rolling shell. Or you could use it in its current configuration to drag race. This chassis would also be ideal to build a killer resto-rod or pro touring build. I encourage anyone close enough to come inspect the car in person. If you've got questions please ask them. This car must be paid for with cash and picked up in person within 14 days of auction's end. The car is advertised locally as well.

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