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1985 GMC Sierra 2500HD ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! TONS INVESTED! 383 Stroker 4x4!!!

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Item location: Booneville, Mississippi, United States
  • Make: GMC
  • Model: Sierra 2500
  • SubModel: Sierra Classic 2500HD
  • Type: Standard Cab Pickup
  • Trim: Sierra Classic
  • Year: 1985
  • Mileage: 55,700
  • VIN: 1GTGK24M3FS527836
  • Color: Indian Bronze
  • Engine size: 383 Stroker V8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: 4 Speed Manual w/Granny Low
  • Drive type: 4WD 4x4
  • Interior color: Saddle Tan
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive, Dual Gas Tanks, AM/FM Stereo Radio, Locking Hubs, Engine Oil Cooler, MM4- 4 Speed Transmission, F60 - Heavy Duty Front Springs, N33 - Comfortilt Steering, YH6 - Gold Medal Special, GT4 - 3.73 Gear Ratio, A01 - All Tinted Glass, Aux Battery
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

GMC Sierra 2500 1985 Description

1985 GMC Sierra Classic 4x4383 Stroked V84 Speed Transmission w/Granny Low55,700 Original MilesNo Rust & No Accidents
Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to view this awesome 1985 GMC Sierra Classic 4x4 with it's glorious 383 Stroked V8, 4 speed manual transmission, and 1 TON running gear (big 14 bolt diff). If you are looking for a lifted, high powered truck that you can drive and enjoy every day, then look no further. What you have stumbledupon is an absolutely incredible Sierra Classic with only a mere 55,700 miles, you can easily tell that it has been loved its entire life. This truck has spent its entire life in the upper right corner of Mississippi and has never been exposed to salt (like most northern trucks), nor has it ever been exposed to flooding or any other accident. Yes, thats right.....This truck is 31 years old and has no accidents reported on its history report and according to the gentleman who bought the truck new, it has never been in an accident at all. I have the AutoCheck history report and clean/clear title in hand and titled to me. I have owned the truck forawhile and the whole reason that I fell in love with the truck is because of the show "Fall Guy" that used to be a sitcom that I would watch growing up. I thought it was awesome seeing a massive heavy duty 2500 performing stunts and jumps on TV. The Fall Guy's truck was two tone Indian Bronze with Saddle Tan in the middle. Although my truck was never two tone, the resemblance was close enough to make me happy. I'll do my very best to describe this truck from top to bottom, inside and out.
This truck has always been very nice inside and out, but I will start with the body first. This truck came from the factory in Indian Bronze "solid paint". The bodydidn't have any majordents or any problems.....just some fading and a few door dings. It was such a nice truck that it was a shame that the paint was faded, so it was repainted all over in 2010. It was resprayed factory Indian Bronze all over except for inside of the bed. It was a farm truck and they used it to haul hay with. Nothing that this truckcouldn't handle, but it did scratch up the inside of the bed. I'll start with the front and work my way to the back. The front bumper is AMAZING. Icouldn't tell you how many people have offered to buy this front bumper from me (they usually ask to buy the truck as well). This bumper was installed when this truck was brand new at the dealership. It was made for these trucks specifically. It contours to the shape of the body and allows the winch to mount perfectly centered. The original owner (who just recently passed away) claimed that he paid an extra $1500 for the bumper and a winch back in 1985!!! I should mention that he told me that the winch that is on it nowwasn't the one that came on it back in 1985. He replaced it with this Warn unit at some point because hedidn't like the one it came with. Ican't find a date on this Warn unit, but it is a 12,000lb monster. Paired with the 383 stroker, it would pull a house down if you wanted it to. The winch works perfectly as it should and this Sierra has aseparate battery just to power it. Its bridged off the main battery, so it stays charged. It comes with the factory Warn remote control that works perfect just as it should. Moving on, the grille is a replacement grille that I installed. It had a billet grille in it when I bought it. The new grille looks phenomenal and new. I went ahead and replaced the headlight buckets too because they were looking their age. The hood is excellent with no issues. When raised, you can see that there is no rust or any issues at all with it. The fenders are alsoexcellent with no issues at all. No rust in the bottom of them like most trucks. Glancing through the grille, you can see the sparkling new oil cooler that I just put on. It came from the factory with an oil cooler as an option, but the factory one always leaked a little at the bottom, so I ordered a new on that is thicker with all new lines and fittings (cost was $250 for the cooler). If you raise the hood and look over the edge at the headlight mounting panel and radiator core support, on most trucksyou'll see that rust has eaten through the factory seams and under the batteries. Thats not the case with this truck. All the panels in there are factory original and look excellent. There is no rust in the core support which is very unusual. The frame horns can also be seen and although there is some paint missing from these areas, there is no rust at all. Now, thatwe've learned what thefront end looks like, lets move a little further back to the doors. Both doors are excellent with absolutely no rust in either of them. There is a very small spot on the bottom of the drivers side door where you can tell that it was opened to far and the chrome molding put a slight mark in it that barely broke the paint. If Ididn't tell you about it, youwouldn'tnotice it. Icouldn't get it to show up in the pictures. You can look deep into the jambs and around the hinges......It all looks factory new. Of course, it wasjammed out when it was repainted, but youcould tell if somethingwasn't right under close observation. As soon as you open the door,you'll know this truck is right. The doors are perfectly adjusted and close with ease. Everyone that has rode with me always comments on how the doors open and close. The doors are superb. The roof and cab are practically flawless. Around the back glass is excellent with no signs of rust or corrosion. Now, lets talk about the bed. The bed sides are incredibly arrow straight and the tailgate is excellent. There is a very tiny amount of solvent pop on the bed sides and tailgate though. This is super minor andisn't even noticeable unlessyou're specifically looking for it. These look like tiny bubbles just in the clear just below theeyeline. I'm very pickyand have been around classic/muscle cars all of my life, so I know what to look for and am probably making my truck sound much worse than it is because this truck is seriously one of the best in existence. Both beds have a tank door due to the dual tank option. These operate perfectly and look great. The tailgate stainless trim piece (the big one thats like 1'x6') is verynice but has some scuffing toward the right side. Itisn't bad at all, but it is there and I want you toknow about it. This can be seen in the pics. Its very minor as well and probably veryvague in the pics. Lastly, inside the bed is practically the only negative on the whole truck. The bed was already scratched up due to it being a farm truck and they knew it wouldhappen again if they kept using it, so the inside of the bed was neverresprayed. The bed floor has a lot of scratches and has a cut out spot in the center of the bed for a trailer ball. That hole is about 1" by 2" so itisn't big at all and the ball is removed, so you can use the whole bed if needed. I was going to Rhino Line the bed, but decided against it because I was afraid that if I did, someone might think I was trying to hide something. The inside of the bed is scratched up, but itisn't rusty or beaten up. Thats all. Itwould look flawless with it Rhino Lined. Another reason that Ididn't do this is because if you go to a cookout or a bonfire, its very nice having a scuffed up bed because your friends can sit in the bed and hang out with you without worrying thatthey'll scratch up the pretty paint......also Rhino Linerisn't the most comfy thing to sit on. Obviously a plasticbedliner would also be a quick fix. If theybuyer wants a factorystylebedliner installed, I will be glad to pay for it and install it for them. The reason I'm willing to do that is because this truck is sophenomenal that literally the inside of the bed is the only negative.....and Iprefer it to be as perfect as possible so if the buyer wants a plasticbedliner, I'll order one new from my local Weathers and install it at no expense to the buyer. I want to mention that this is a 2500hdobviously, so it is a long bed. Itisn't overwhelming nor does it look bad because the bed rails and tool box compliment this truck nicely. It looks beautiful and menacing at the same time.
Ok, now thatwe've covered the entire body, I want to move on to the interior. The interior on this truck is a sight to behold. The original door panels were a little chalky on top, so I ordered brand new door panels from USA1 for almost $700. The Saddle Tan headliner, kick panels, and even the seat cover is factory original. All of those attest to the original mileage on this truck. The vinyl floor is also original and is in the best shape I've seen on any of these trucks. The dash pad is an original spec vinyl one (not a cheap urethane dash pad or a plastic cover). I ordered this dash in the dark brown dye, so the way you see it, is how it arrived. The color was dyed into it, so itwon't come off like a painted one would. The original dash had 3 cracks in it and actuallydidn't look bad, but I wanted it to be perfect. I have more that $1000 in the dash and door panels alone. The Indian Bronze paint on the lower part of the dash has some scuffs at the very bottom of it. There far enough down that theyaren't reallynoticeable and the interior looks very clean and classy. The dash gauge bezel is beautiful, all the trimpieces look superb, the dual tank switch actually works, and all of the power buttons work. The AM/FM radio is original, but has been gone through and restored to original specs. I installed kenwood speakers in the factorylocations and it took forever to find the Kenwood speakers that were the correct size for the rear speakers, but I found them and they match the fronts very well. The radio actually sounds fantastic for a factoryhead unit. All of the lights work inside and the gauges glow beautifully. I installed factory color LEDs in the gauges and the radio. This is the first mid 80s truck I've owned that I could actually easily read all the gauges at night. With that said, the interior really is as nice as it looks in the pictures. Everyonecompliments this truck inside and out. There is a gun rack in front of the backglass that sticks out about 2". That can stay or go with the truck. Its not in the way of anything and doesn't affect visibility. The 4 speed shifter and 4x4 shifter are excellent and all original. In most 4x4 trucks of these years, you'll find the shifters to be chalky and falling apart. Not inthis one. The power windows work fine and the power locks work perfectly. The right side power window works just as it should, but its a little slower than the drivers side. All in all, this truck has an incredible interior that needs nothing.
Now, we will discuss where this truck really shines: The engine bay and undercarriage. This truck began life with a 5.7L 350, a 4 speed transmission, and a 3.73 gears. That changed shortly after it was sold new. In around 1990, the 350 was swapped for a 454. The 454 stayed in the truck until about 2010. The 454 was pulled out and replaced before the truck was repainted. During this time, the undercarriage and underneath the truck was not repainted. Just the top side. This truck is still original underneath, so you'll see somesurface rust here or there but there are no scabs, no holes, and noremnants of anything that would cause alarm. The guy that I bought it from was the gentleman who did all of the engine modifications and the drivetrain replacement. He has a machine shop and hisfamily always participated in drag racing. He had a really nice standard bore 350 laying inthe shop, so he decided to build that 350 for this truck. He new he wanted to use a 400 crank to make it a 383, so he ordered that along with a slew of other expensive parts. Hespent over 10k on just the engine. Here is a short list of things ordered for the engine: Comp cam roller rockers, Edelbrock Performer air gapaluminumintake, Edelbrock performer rpm aluminum heads, dome pistons, and a "hotter" cam. The engine runs great and the truck has unbelievable amounts of torque. I always run octane booster in with each fill up just because it runs better on it. It doesnt run bad without the octane booster, but at higherrpms, there is a slight miss if you donthave the additive. Ok, so after the truck was repainted in 2010, the suspension was ordered for it. It received 1 ton running gear (includes heavy duty diffs with the 14 boltrearend) that had 3.73 gears because that ratio just seems to fit this manual gearbox well. It received a new clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, a Pro Comp full kit with steering stabilizer, new brake pads with steel braided lines, and a few other odds and ends. After everything was installed and tuned properly, the new engine setup alongwith the suspension package complimented everything nicely. During the course of 4 years, the truck was only driven about 5,000 miles and was never an off-road truck. In fact, it was only driven on the weekends whenthe group would meet up to ride around or to backup to a bonfire just to enjoy company. We do a lot of joyriding here in Mississippi.....mainly because theres literally nothing else to do. After I bought the truck (circa Feb. 2015),the first thing that I did was taking to my buddy's shop and we started looking it over. We ran a compression check and all cylinders were at either 210 or 209. The factory oil cooler was leaking, so I ordered a new oil cooler as mentioned in thefirst paragraph, and I did a full tune up (plugs, plug wires, distributer cap, rotor button)just to make sure everythingunder there was up to par with how nice the rest of the truck is. I've taken a lot of pictures, so the next owner will know exactly what he or she is buying. Check out the close ups of the front bumper. I took off the diamond plates on top of the bumper and painted them body color. It added a really nice touch to the way thefront end looks. Please take the time to look over all of them, because I want you toknow just how nice the truck actually is. Here are the pics:
Notice the painted plates on the top of the bumper.

Now thatyou've seen the truck in all its glory, please feel free to ask any questions througheBay, through text, or by conversation over the phone (my preferred method). My name is Matt and my cell is 662-416-0900. Thetruck is being sold as is with no warranty, but I assure you, youwon't be disappointed in it. Ifyou're looking for a fun truck that is reliable, then this is it. Everywhere I go, someone compliments it. I look forward to hearing from you and I'll be glad to help any way that I can. Im open to any reasonable offer on the truck and I hope that she finds as good of a home as I have given her. Good luck and God bless.

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