Rare Leather - All doc's since new - 77,000 original miles - Beautiful Survivor

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Item location: Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Make: Mercury
  • Model: Cougar
  • SubModel: XR7 J-Code
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: XR7
  • Year: 1968
  • Mileage: 77,689
  • VIN: 8F93J543649
  • Color: Green
  • Engine size: 302-V8 4V
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: C4 Automatic
  • Drive type: Rear differential
  • Interior color: Green
  • Options: Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

Mercury Cougar 1968 Description

3 owners since new

77,689 original, ocumented miles

Special ordered factory leather bucket seats

Factory XR7 J-Code 302-4V with DISC brakes

I could probably bore most of you all day with interesting and tedious original details about the car. It's original condition is worthy of bragging rights. But, nly the true "Cougar Geeks" would enjoy that long diatribe. I will reel myself in just a bit and cover the most important facts. We all have our favorites. For most of us it's the cars we either owned or appreciated during our younger years. Sometimes that goes back to high school which is the case for me. My heart skips a beat for the following: 70-73 RS Camaro's, 1 & 72 Pontiac Venturas (similar to Novas) and 1968 Cougars. Just 1968's. Oddly, don't care as much for the 67's. Of course my collection has grown over the years to include many others but those 3 stay at the top of my list. This '68 XR7 is wonderful and I smile whenever I get near it. Besides my top-3, y passion has always been cars in original, naltered condition. Now we call them "Survivors" but I was on that bandwagon long before we gave them a name. They tell such an honest story. The kind of life they've had is obvious. Time and the elements takes it's toll on all of us. Some just age slower and more gracefully than others. My Cougar wears the banner of original Survivor proudly. Whether you're a Cougar lover or just appreciate the desirable cars of the late 60's, his car will peak your interest. Don Rush with West Coast Classic Cougar has been my friend since high school, as the best man in my wedding and moral compass when I needed one. To his credit, e's kept this friendship together for 30 years probably because I sold him his first Cougar when I was 18 and he was 17. The worn glass pack full dual exhaust actually did most of the selling. He could hear me leave the parking lot at lunch. That tired 289 really did sound great. Over the years Don has found me 2 1968 Cougars including this incredible car. He know's I love Lime Frost Green! He had not seen this car in person but the 20+ year owner was a customer of his and had sent photos. He kindly forwarded me the pic's and contact info and I bought the car 24 hours later!! The next day I drove her down to Salem Oregon to show Don. He said "don't drive that car down here you dummy, t hasn't had a real drive in 20 years" end quote. I ignored his advice. The drive went perfectly! He and his staff ooooo'd and awe'd over the car for 30 minutes pointing out original and factory details you just don't see on these cars now days. It wasn't until they pointed out the original fuel pump still bolted in-place that Don said see, told ya not to drive it down here! Yes, he factory 1968 fuel pump is still working. I asked if that should be the case. They all said NO WAY! Even though his level of integrity would never allow him to say it, think a small piece of him regretted not buying the car himself. No one assumed it would be this nice and this original. This little J-Code Cougar has been here in the Pacific Northwest all of it's life. In fact, t has lived with 15 miles of the dealership that sold it new for 47 years. Purchased new on June 6th, 968 at Pacific Lincoln Mercury by Dr. Wilkey. 3 adult owners since day-one. All ownership documented and I have the original owners manual, wnercard and even the service records that go all the way back. The 77,689 miles are 100% authentic. The car has traveled 700 miles in the last 20 years. Previous owner set the trip-meter at 000 when he bought the car in January of 1996. At my time of purchase it read 432!! I've put 150 miles on it this Summer. She is rust-free and rock-solid. Garage kept and gently driven. She still wears mostly original paint that shines nicely. The interior is completely original and in spectacular condition. The VERY rare leather seats are exceptionally nice which is unheard of. The factory installed drive-train is performing beautifully. Car has the front DISC brake option, 02-4V with factory dual exhaust and power steering of course. Original components are second to none on this car. There are restorers out there trying vigorously to replicate originality. Good luck. This Cougar sets the bar. At 47 years old and 77,000 miles, he car has been driven and enjoyed but it's condition supports a life of respect and care. The more I continue typing the more I fight the urge to sell this car. That is not my halfhearted attempt at a sales tactic. I admire everything about this car. Other financial ventures force me to say goodbye. A decision I will look back on for a very long time. I asked Don when or if we would ever find another like it. His answer was simple- No, ever.

I will make a few brief comments under certain pictures throughout the photo display. All of my eBay experiences have been enjoyable over the years as I've sold members of my collection. I'm grateful for the kind words and compliments I've received. My opinions have guided me well and I stand behind them but please keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and observations and they may differ from your own. I welcome showing my Cougar in person to anyone with genuine interest. I live very near the Portland Oregon Airport and would gladly pick you up. Each photo shows the car clearly and accurately from as many angles as I could think of. It is my intention to make this as close to you seeing and touching the car for yourself as possible. Feel free to click on the "ask a question" link here in the auction and I will respond to all polite questions. Phone calls are great too. My telephone number is503-887-1231and calls between 8AM and 9PM Pacific time are just fine. My auction runs for 7 days and is scheduled to end on Thursday evening, he 10th of September at 7:30PM Pacific.

I'm looking for a genuine buyer. I reserve the right to end my auction early in the event I'm contacted and accept a sincere offer and the Cougar becomes no longer available.

*If you are outside of the U.S. or Canada, LEASE contact me to confirm your bidding activity as genuine.*Everyone, lease be sure to read my terms of sale located near the bottom of this screen. I'm a reasonable person but I will not bend on these basic terms unless previously discussed during the auction. A little communication goes a long way.
NO RESERVE AUCTIONI did not set a reserve price on my Cougar. All that I ask in return is for your bids to be real and your intent to purchase be sincere. I took every picture you're about to see in my driveway at home the day before this auction started. No photo has been altered or enhanced in any way. This is my car and these pictures are true to her in-person appearance. Thanks for your time, AVE


The body and paint are in very nice condition and mostly day-one original with minor spot blends. Decades ago the driver side door was replaced due to very minor damage. The paint match is excellent. The finish holds a nice shine over the entire car. Body panel fit, aps and alignment are excellent. All trim and both bumpers are also fitting perfectly. Doors close and latch tightly with the push of a finger. Even after 47 years there are no dents or ugly scratches. I had a handful of tiny door dings removed by a skilled craftsman with no repainting! Paint has worn thin on a few edges from years of waxing and buffing (photos provided) and there are some very small chips that only show upon close inspection but the Lime Frost Green is nothing short of impressive. The car is rust-free. Chrome, mblems, adges, xterior moldings, ail lights and the grille are all gorgeous original items. There is no pitting or tarnish to mention. All brightwork is beautiful. Every piece of glass is also original and crystal clear including the factory Carlite windshield. There is one rock chip on the windshield but it is low and out of vision and not the type that will crack. I didn't dare replace that original glass. The original vinyl top is also in impressive condition with only one minor flaw in the lower left corner (photo provided within display) The overall appearance of the car is outstanding. Whether it's a seasoned car enthusiast or just a passer by, he flattering comments are non-stop. I'm not the only one that smiles when near this car. Just like going back in time.

Even the driver seat is near perfect. Only one notable flaw on the upper edge. That is typical and occurred when these cars were only a few years old. A seat spring causes this blem, ot actual wear. The leather bucket seats are gorgeous and still glove soft. Again, nheard of. The Dark Ivy interior is 100% factory, ay-one original. NO repairs or replacements. Seats, oor panels, ear side panels, eadliner, ackage tray, teering wheel and the entire dashboard are all MINT and it smells like vintage leather. Even the carpet is original and in wonderful shape. A nicer original interior cannot be found. That statement comes from the Cougar Pro's.

Yes, he original vacuum operated headlight doors open and close just like new and still hold vacuum after sitting for extended periods. Again, nheard of. This car is the exception to so many rules.

Tail lights and the original sequential turn signals work flawlessly. No upgrades! Original equipment functioning perfectly.

Yes, ll three sequential turn lights work in proper order. It was impossible to capture all of them with my camera.

That is the original issue 1968 License plate. I have the rear plate as well. Currently, he car is registered with permanent collector vehicle plates.

Even the back-up's work perfectly.

This is the only notable exterior blem.

Original paint has worn on the top edge of the driver side quarter.

Factory door guards have been on since new. And, ven the original rocker moldings are outstanding. They are NOT thin reproductions. Typical tiny rock chips.

The original vinyl top is extremely nice. I could have made it gloss black in 5 minutes with any number of conditioner products. It's correct and impressive the way it is.

These vinyl tops shrink slowly over time and get tight, hen all it takes is pushing a little too hard while washing to cause a tiny tear. It is typical and all but unavoidable. This has remained unchanged for 20+ years.

The only exterior chrome that shows the slightest dullness or fading of any kind is this wing vent window housing. Everything else is mint original.

The rear bumper is like new. The line is just the reflection of a crack in my driveway. Also, f you look closely you can see me kneeling down to snap this pic. Hello

Although the paint on the car is actually very nice I could have touched-up the handful of small chips that show on close inspection. I'm proud of how this car represents it's 47 years and didn't feel compelled to put makeup on an already beautiful girl. Just my opinion.

These badges are NEVER this pristine.

Even the rubber that mounts behind both bumpers is still soft.

Original Carlite windshield.

All windows roll up and down properly. A little stiff from a lack of use but they work correctly.

Please note- A new factory correct antenna is included. Only a Cougar expert would realize this one is from Montgomery Ward 35 years ago. Of course, on at Classic Cougar noticed and made me buy a correct one.

Please notice how bright everything is in the interior. The sun has hardly gotten to this car. All of the simulated woodgrain, he steering wheel, tc... Everything is beautiful. Each and every switch, nob and lever functions perfectly. The toggles for the accessory lights, ll gauges, eater, ipers, orn and even the radio operate like new.

Original dash pad is MINT!

The radio bezel is showing reflections in this photo, OT defects or pitting. All interior trim, hrome, tc, s gorgeous and near perfection.

The gauges are bright and like new. The orange band that runs from 70 to 120 on the speedometer is always faded or invisible on these cars by now. Not on this car.

Only notable interior flaw as mentioned previously.

With one finger on the steering wheel at 70.

This tiny blister located on the bottom of the drivers door is the only of it's kind on the entire car.

Original trunk is mint. That is the original mat, ardboard tail light covers, tc... They show slight age and wear but for original they are excellent.

This tar paper covered cardboard sound deadener is always in a 1000 pieces if it's present at all. Normally, t's simply gone and put in the trash years ago. It is amazing in this car. Moisture has never plagued this area or any other on the car.

Not much worth bragging about here unless you're a purest like myself. Engine compartment represents originality on a grand scale.

The original 302-V8 with factory 4 barrel option performs well. It starts easily and has crisp throttle response. Please look closely at all of these engine bay photos. Much of what you see here are 47 year old, actory installed components. Even many of the soft rubber vacuum hoses and vapor lines are original. In fact, t's somewhat frightening to see all of these original things still in place but kind of neat at the same time. Items have been replaced and serviced over the years in order to keep the car maintained but much is still 47 years old. Just incredible.

Original 1968 fuel pump. The Cougar experts say it shouldn't work, ut, t does!! So cool.

Both shock towers are like new. This car has never taken a hard corner or experienced abuse of any kind, ver.

Ugly photo, ight? Not really. Look closely at the red positive battery cable. It's original!!! That comes from the guys at WCCC.

Two purposes for this photo. 1- Original negative cable is still intact. 2- That white paper is what remains of an assembly line sticker noting the positive end of the battery. These generally wore off within a few years.

Another sticker for the guys on down the assembly line. This one is on the cowl.

Typical battery crud.

The mechanical components of the car are currently working very well. As mentioned above, he motor runs smoothly without misses or any odd noises just like a low mileage and tight 302 should. The transmission shifts perfectly. No slips or delays between gears and even the kick-down into passing gear operates correctly. -PLEASE NOTE- All systems are functioning properly. Engine, ransmission, rakes, uspension and electrical are all working just fine. But, large portion of this cars appeal is it's low mileage and originality. With that said, any of these items are 47 years old and it's a miracle that all of them are still working! I have inspected the car to the best of my ability from top to bottom and front to back. Incredibly, verything still looks good and the car drives beautifully. Other than little things and installing brand new tires (previous tires were like new but the Sears radials were from 1986) I have had to do nothing to the car in order to enjoy it and feel safe. I don't hesitate driving her whenever the mood hits me. However, ommon sense would dictate that a comprehensive going over be done before any long trips or every day driving.

The buck-tag data plate is still right where the boys attached it 47 years ago. These are often missing.

Factory Autolite 4 barrel carburetor.

The undersides are what we pray to find. Lightly undercoated when new. Rust-free. No ugly corrosion or scale of any kind. Dust and cobwebs, es. Never exposed to a salted road.

Even the rust-prone torque boxes that are on all Cougars and Mustangs are mint on this car.

Minor grease and fluid residue can be seen on the mechanical components. Nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected. No puddles on my garage floor. Maybe a drip or two over time. Nothing of concern.

To the novice maybe this picture doesn't mean much. To those with experience it shows the backside of a gorgeous quarter panel. Another rust-prone area for Cougars and Mustangs. Both sides are perfect.

When I said documentation that's exactly what I meant. A file 3 inches thick will come with the car that documents her life. An extra set of original keys too.

Service doc's, wnercard, uck-tag, oor tag, wners manual, itle and the VIN attached at the right side of the windshield all match. Paperwork that transfers smoothly anywhere in the U.S. and exactly what the border and customs folk's hope to see. I have it all.

Regardless of make and model, ehicles of this vintage that are in this grade of original condition have become all but extinct. Most have endured various degrees of restoration with varying quality and often times questionable results. Aftermarket parts & pieces are now the norm due to the extreme difficulty of finding nice factory original items. Even well preserved 47 year old cars are rarely in the shape my Cougar is in. No arrogance intended, ut these beautiful original examples are quickly becoming a thing of the past. I'm hoping that your impression is fully formed by now. It is simply outstanding and more than worthy of sitting next to the other members of my collection. Thanks again-____________________________________________________________Terms of Sale: 47yr old vehiclebeing sold AS-IS:
Please read and agree with the following:I have describedmy Cougar honestly and to the best of my ability based on almost 30 years ofowning and driving classic cars. This is one of the finest original examples you will find. I have 100% faith in the drivability of my Cougar and everything is in good working order per my written description provided above. I enjoy driving her without concern but she is 47 years old so routine service and repairs should be expected based on her age. If you are not comfortable with a sight-unseen purchase, lease come see the car for yourself or have an independent inspection performed PRIORto bidding, OT after. I will not be responsible for the decisions of others. Free and clear Certificate Of Title will be provided.I would appreciate thewinning bidder contacting me immediately upon end of auction just so the lines of communication are opened.My telephone number is503-887-1231

A $1000.00 deposit is due within 24 hours of auction ending preferably throughPayPaljust so we are both protected. Wire transfers and verifiable cashier checks are also acceptable. I'm an easy going person so if you need to make special financial arrangements please contact meBEFOREyou bid and I will try to help.I have been with the same bank here in Portland Oregon for over 10 years and the Management staff knows me. You are welcome to contact them for your own security if you like. *The remaining balance in-full is due within 7 calendar days of auction end in the form of secure funds.* Some banks and credit unions do not finance vehicles of this vintage. Make sure if you are financing that your financial institution accepts the year and value of this vehicle before bidding and that my payment time-lines can be met. Please have your method of payment arranged prior to auction ending.


I am happy to be an active and hands-on part of this entire process from start to finish but the buyer is ultimately responsible for pickup or shipping of this vehicle and anypre-purchaseinspections need to be doneBEFOREauction ending. Again, will gladly be your eyes, ands and backbone during this process. If you wish to have it shipped using a service, will assist in loading and be present for the transport condition form (I will photo document) and other reasonable help. Locating a transporter is the buyers responsibility but I can make recommendations and share the relationships I've built. Vehicle transport has become very reasonable.I personally use a privately dispatched trucking company. They have handled my transport needs perfectly for the last several years with careful handling, xcellent rates and fast service even all the way to the East Coast. I will provide contact info at your request. Dependable Auto Shippers (D.A.S.) is a transporter that eBay recommends and my experiences with them before I started using only private carriers were just fine. My location zip code is 97214. Coast-to-Coast transport isaround $1200.00 andeven less the closer you are to Oregon. Shipping to Australia, urope and other Countries has also become affordable and easy to arrange.

*If you are outside of the United States or Canada, ou MUSTcontact me to confirm your bidding activity as authentic.*If you are an eBay memberwith negative history or have a (0) or even a low transaction score,I need to hear from youjust to verify your sincerity and accept your bids as genuine. We all started from (0) and I'm happy to give a leg up. I reserve the right to cancel bids at any point for these reasons. Email or phone contact is fine. Communication is all I ask.

I reserve the right to end the auction at any time if the vehicle is no longer available or otherwiseSOLD.

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